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Posted 21 August 2014 - 10:15 AM ( #21 )

Hi everyone! ^o^
How have you been? (: 
I've been doing really good, especially, because I finally got my two newest Tamagotchis. ;D
The first one is a BEAUTIFUL Tamagotchi v5, which I received from a trade with Jmeow on Tumblr. ;3


I'm finally enjoying this version, I am the type of person that needs to like the shell to enjoy running a Tamagotchi and the previous ones I had were just not really pretty. ;P

I also bought myself a second-hand Tamagotchi Friends, as it's in really nice, almost mint condition and cost less than half of the price I would pay for a NIB one.
I am getting a second one too, this time brand new, because I won one in a contest! :'D
Idk when I will receive it though. :<


So, here's what I'm running atm:


I'm still busy making custom orders. (:


And about my personal life, finally, after YEARS of dreaming of it, I got a rat! <3


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Posted 02 September 2014 - 10:36 AM ( #22 )

Looky! I got my new Tamagotchi Friends yesterday! I won it in a contest organised by Bandai Poland. (:
This is the first time  I ever won anything! I am so excited. :'D



Now I have two of them. :3




Right now I have my v3 and v4.5 running. <3
I got them together, from the same seller and payed $20 for both including shipping. ^^

The v4.5 I'm running for a connection hatch on Tama-Hatchi. ^^ The links to the Tumblr group and to the Facebbok group can be found in my siggy. (:






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Posted 05 September 2014 - 08:08 AM ( #23 )

Hello everyone! :3
Here's a little update on my vpets + my collection. (;

My v3 got married and now I have a little girl. 



I turned my v4 off, as I decided to turn my iD L 15th Anniversary back on. Rednosetchi is sooo cute! ;3

In other news, I got a Cheeks Chan [Hoppe Chan] from a very close friend of mine!
She asked me to buy her a Cheeks Chan off eBay as she does not have an account of her own. She sent me the money, I ordered it, she received it... And it appeared to be broken. The connecting thingy on the back was defective and she could not receive items and points from playing the games online or on her iPhone. And so, a 2-3 weeks long conversation between me and the Japanese sellers begun. They were constantly telling me that either they did not understand what the problem was, or that it's because me and my friend don't know japanese and choose wrong options. In the end they finally, after MANY explanations and even videos sent, they agreed to send her a new one. 
Of course, the new one worked just as it should. She was so happy that I "fought" for it, so that she would have a perfect working one, she gave me the first one as a thank-you gift. ^o^
I don't mind the lack of connecting feature at all, and I am truly enjoying playing with my new cute Cheeks Chan. ;D



It's so big compared to Tamas!



That's the last thing I got for now, until I buy the Tamagotchi 4  U. (:
Sooo, I will probably make a new collection photo during this weekend! ^^

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Posted 13 September 2014 - 05:57 PM ( #24 )

This log is cute I love the photos of your Tamagotchis I give it 5 stars!

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