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box's really simple funtimes

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 07:39 PM ( #1 )

which will just be me being challenged to remember stuff I probably should have remembered but didn't when this dream of someone's was described

pls help me hang up


"some people are about


"bright and probably overly late in the morning is when I set out. not thirty minutes into my drive, I realize that not just my backseat but entire car is getting soaked. really heavy rain is coming down, but I don't see any hail back there. driving is becoming more of a challenge. I see a red stoplight, but there's no way to come to a full stop. I speed up and wind up hydroplaning down a few meters. starting to feel a tad woozy, drifting lanes, I hear a couple sirens in the distance. at first I thought those might be for me, but then I took a look around. others' cars are in more or less the same condition


"the rain clears and after a few hours I see people whose cars are in the same condition as mine. I've finally reached the address that I randomly remembered in time. I turn off to the side into one of those almost-always-deserted commerce centers. gotta find my way back. the cloud cover is back, but lighter this time. parked my car right smack in the middle of the road between the shop on the edge of the lot and the shops that make up the bulk of the center


"met who I was looking for. don't remember who. thinking about running into the gas station, but it's too far. make a break for the other shop disconnected from the main string, but see a familiar face and immediately try making a break for it. I hide behind a few corners, waiting for him to leave. then I head onto the highway


"finally at the campus. we're at the backdoor, in a cramped hallway, talking it over. 'lemme see your phone,' I say. she looks incrasingly displeased. I try to dial but fail each time. it felt like reaching for a glass of water and accidentally knocking it over*. know who to dial, but the numbers become muddled in my head. somehow, I get it, and I wait for the call to connect. I try to come up with an excuse fo why I'm not on the bus. it's 18:06


"what did they do to me"



*how could I forget that part

ah, hilarious buddy is hilarious



edit: lawl, apparently I "got it completely wrong"

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12 Aug 2014

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 09:04 AM ( #2 )

and then it was box's turn to derp

lol dreams about school
look up for no reaason other than to see someone on the stairs trip a bit who gets laughed at for it--that someone is then apparently ushered on by a person from behind
in the next moment, everything changes as that someone takes on a different persona; suddenly, it isn't clumsiness that causes the stumble, but now obviously a handicap of some sort
and the person behind then isn't a friend, but one of the many shadows from the other school
I was probably thinking about failing at world building

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