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Getting worked up

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Posted 28 August 2005 - 05:13 AM ( #1 )

Hello members of TamaTalk.

In this forum, I find loads of people getting worked up about fake tamagotchis. There is no need to get this upset about them. So, please donít. Please give the people who are selling them on eBay (or where ever the fake is) the respect they deserve.

Some Tamagotchis do not even classify as a fake. Fake Tamagotchis are not real. They are fake if:
  • They are called Tamagotchi when they are not actually a Tamagotchi (they should not be called a tamagotchi anyway, as the word is trademarked)
  • They coppy BanDai's tamagotchi design (on the egg/shell)
  • Have simular characters as the real Tamagotchis
  • Try to coppy BanDai's icons
  • etc..
They are not fake if (and they are not a Tamagotchi, they are a Virtual Pet):
  • They do not look like a Tamagotchi
  • Not the same consept (ie: Not a creature from a planet)
  • No way do they coppy the developement of a Tamagotchi (Ie: If the Virtual Pet is a dog)
  • etc..
So, for exaple, a Nano Puppy/Kitty/Baby/etc.. (created by Playmates toys) is not a fake Tamagotchi. It is a Virtual Pet.

Another point pointed out to me by a member (TamasiaPotchi) is that just because it has an infa-red link does not mean it is instantly a Tamagotchi fake. All Virtual Pets have the right to have a infa-red link. BanDai has not "coppyrighted" it.

I would also like to stop seeing the topic Titles like:
THIS IS SUCH A DUMB PERSON!!11!!, I cannot beleve they think this is a real tamagotchi

I agree. Fakers should not be allowed to sell things on eBay/at stores, but the sellers should not be treated like dirt. They are a human. Treat them like one.

So, in conclusion, please do not get worked up about silly little things like these. They are [Fakers] not a good thing, but they are nothing to get to worked up about.
Yes, I know about one of my posts that was way over the top about fakers. I wish I did not post that. I was such a n00b. So, please do not bring that up

If you have any comments, please feel free to PM me, as this topic will be locked so their will not be a flood of posts regarding this. If I feel that it is worhty of being posted, I may Consider posting it on your behalf. :D

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28 Aug 2005