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My Mesutchi and Osutchi Logs

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Posted 29 August 2005 - 09:29 AM ( #1 )


It’s been a while…

I’m sitting quietly in my room, looking down at two plastic eggs. One is pink and one is blue. Both have yellow buttons, a screen with a background that matches the skin color, little word bubbles surrounding the screen, and a small crack near the top being held together by a small chain.

Mesutchi and Osutchi.

The day is August 20, 2005. It’s 10:00 P.M. and I’m sitting quietly in my room, looking down at them. I haven’t used them in two years and I’m starting to think about starting them up again. But I have to look at what is happening with me now. I’m running 4 other Tamagotchis and planning on buying a 5th. But a strange urge came over me. I just HAD to start them both up again.

I put the batteries in and reset both of them at 10:04. I waited until 10:05 to start the timers. And finally, at 10:10, both eggs hatched. Both eggs hatch into the same character, a little black speck dude with tiny eyes. Both of them squeak at me for attention. They we so cute…;)

Kuritchi: “One minute he's laughing, and the next, he's throwing a temper tantrum! Kuritchi ("Chestnut") sure is a moody guy! His little yellow body may turn red with rage, but his sunny side and angry side just show his wide range of emotion.”

So, I began to take care of them. Both ate the same thing: A bowl of rice of a meal, and a candy for a snack. I get to playing with them and all that stuff. I was actually still surprised how hard Bandai worked on this virtual pet. The babies, in their small size, had everything else small. Happy suns, sickness skulls, angry crossed, beds, and even sleepy Zs…all were shrunk down to a puny size.

His life cycle, ran basically the same as any other baby: Eat, poop, sick, sleep, evolve. So, like I just said, he evolved into MohiTamatchi at 11:12, who went to sleep as soon as he evolved.

I awoke the next day to see Osutchi sulking at the bottom of the screen and Mesutchi squeaking for me. I shall never sleep in again. I quickly nursed both back to health.

MohiTamatchi: “This laid-back guy doesn't worry about the little things in life. His purple Mohawk-style hair-do may look cool, but when he gets mad, all his hair stands on end!”

Now that they are no longer babies, their skulls, happy suns, etc have all returned to natural size. And now that I have explained all this so far, I can tell you more about Mesu and Osu.

Like the new Tamagotchis, they have 3 buttons, 10 icons (9 selectable) and something on top used to connect with another Tamagotchi. Plus they are the same size. The differences are this:

The first icon is the Health Meter. There are 4 screens: Hungry, Happy, Discipline, and Status. The first two screens show Japanese lettering with 4 hearts. But unlike the new Tamagotchis, these hearts are tiny. And I mean tiny. And the discipline meter is taller and less wide. The scale on the 4th screen has a little Kuritchi on it.

The second icon is the food menu. There are two foods. I’ve heard that the foods can change over time.

The third icon is the game. It’s fast, easy, and fun. It’s similar to the P1 game. Your Tama holds up 2 flags, one white, one black. You have to press either A or B to stop the Tama on a certain flag. Meaning when your Tama holds up the white flag, press A. Black flag, B.

4th icon is Restroom (toilet). Still the same.

5th icon is Basting (scold). On the prototype Mesu and Osu, when you use this icon, a hammer whacks your Tama. Harsh. But that was changed when the official versions were released. Funny thing is, when the Tama beeps for discipline, it’s an entirely different beep for when he actually needs something. So I instantly know to scold it. Plus they’ll ask for more than 100% discipline.

6th icon is Remedy (medicine). Still the same.

7th icon is the lights. Same.

8th Icon is the TMP. The 1st screen shows TMP in big letters, and a small crown underneath. The amount of crowns can change overtime, 4 in total. The second screen is the generations.

9th icon is the Mating Icon. I will tell you more about this later, because whenever I try to use it right now, all they do is shake their heads.

And of course, the attention icon is last. Like that will ever change.

The screen is about half the size of the new Tamagotchis, only a little taller than the old Tamas, but less length. Instead of infrared sensors on top, Mesu and Osu have a little metallic connector, the same ones the DigiMon pets used to battle. And it can be covered up with the other end of the shell, which is on the keychain. The background is different for each one of these Tamas. Mesu’s is a little pink room with a heart on the wall, Osu’s is a little blue room with a spade on the wall.

Anyway, both got disciplined to +100% today, They stayed as MohiTamatchi through Monday as well.

On Tuesday, these little buggers evolved. Osutchi became Obotchi.

Obotchi: “A fashionable little gentleman who spends all his time worrying about the little curl in the middle of his forehead. He's really quite a mischievous little guy, but in front of the "grown-ups" he acts like a well-behaved little "Student Council President"-type.”

Mesu became Ojotchi.

Ojotchi: “She may seem well-mannered and charming, but she's still at that mischievous stage, so go easy on her! But she thinks of herself as a proper little lady, so if you don't treat her as such, she might get upset and sulk!”

Mesu looks the same as Osu, but with a little bow in her hair and a little bit different walk. Mesu got disciplined to 100%, but Osu remained at 50%. Plus he accidentally got overfed, and changed into Debutchi, a character so large he fills up the entire screen.

Debutchi: “When the weight increases, your Tamagotchi becomes Debutchi. Play the Flag Game to return him to normal.”

I was no able to use any of the icons besides the health meter and the game. So I just played the game and before long, Osutchi was normal again. Yay. B) Osu got sick around 7:00 on Thursday, meaning he’ll evolve tomorrow.

The next day, Mesu got sick as well. As strange as it was, she evolved BEFORE Osutchi, who got sick first. Strange. At 11:31, Ojotchi evolved into…Kikotchi.

Kikotchi: “If Kikotchi were to go out with a guy, he'd have to be gentle, and kind, and good-looking, and thin and in shape! Perhaps because of her high standards, most of the guys she falls in love with already have girlfriends...”

I was surprised. I was trying to get Pyonkotchi, but…oh well. Now we wait on Osu.

Osutchi evolved at 11:45 into…BUNBUNCHI! W00t!

Bunbutchi: “He's a little shy and bashful, so even if he wants to say "I love you" to that special girl that he's got a crush on, he's can't quite work up the courage to do so. Sometimes, he somehow manages to end up fighting with her, even if he really doesn't want to.... If only he could learn to be truer to his feelings!”

Wow…what an add couple. :angry: Maybe I’ll just put them together now and take them to the movies or something…take them both out to a diner, let Osu write a Lover’s Novel based on his beautiful new lover… Sadly, I’ll be payin’ for it all. :P

In all seriousness, no, they can’t mate yet. I tried. They both say no, Osu kicking some dirt up as he said no. (I’ll have an animation later). I’m so glad they both became different adults…now they can cross-breed XD.

So they went to sleep later that day, and I was left wondering about tomorrow.

The big day arrived.

I was in my room, in my bed, when they both awoke. I checked the mating icon, and they started to dance with cute background music. Time for the fun to begin!

I connected them at the top, held them together and pressed B on Osutchi. You know how earlier I didn’t talk anything about the mating icon? Well here it all is, for you to enjoy, the mating process of Mesutchi and Osutchi.

Then the beeping song stopped. It went silent. I looked at the screen and the two just stood there for what seemed to be 4 or 6 whole seconds. Then very slowly they both slid over to the door in their 'room' and went out and off the screen. Then they came back on the screen through the door again, this time with the word "OK" next to them. A tune played and the screen slowly blacked out by forming squares on the screen getting more and more blacked out until the whole screen went black. This time they screen remained black for only a few seconds then the lights went on. When the lights came on Bunbutchi and Kikotchi were hoping around the screen happily.

Soon they seem to calm down a little. Osutchi kind of stood at the right of the screen while Mesutchi got really excited. She began jumping around the screen to some funky music that got faster and faster and her movements got faster as well. The Osutchi stood there beeping kind of like a heart beat, really excited. Then she stops and the music is slower and she stands there in the middle of the screen looking kind of mad or something.

Kikotchi gets this look on her face, and stands at the right of the screen, beeping silently. And then out comes a little baby! She smiles momentarily. The baby looks like a ShiroBabitchi, except with Mimitchi ears. Then she turns around again and the second baby is born. She starts jumping in place and the babies are jumping around and all over each other. Bunbutchi gets all excited when this happens; the 'happy sun' appears over both their shoulders and they jump around happy like this for a long 10 or so seconds.

Then they both calm down again and I notice that Osutchi has a look of anticipation on his face again. Mesutchi seems to almost be talking with her children, like she is yelling at them? That is when one of them is goes off the screen and appears on the Osutchi’s side. Bunbutchi gives his son a big hug. Then they all start jumping around all happy, playing a happy tune. Then after a few seconds things go silent. The mating process is over. I separate the eggs and put the covers back on the tops. The whole process took over a whole minute.

It was so exciting, but to really understand how it feels to watch them mate, get your own pair!

Teletchi (the babies): “Bashful little Teletchi just can't seem to make friends... But in his heart of hearts, he just wants to play with everyone. Please, won't you befriend little Teletchi?”

The babies look so cute X3. They stay next to their parent, and poop once every hour. But since there is very little room on the screen, the poop appears on their heads. The adults poop at their regular times, but it goes right on the baby…uch!

When they eat the adult is alone on the screen and eats like normal. Then the adult turns around and gives the baby a few bites to eat. Unlike the new Tamagotchis, you can actually see the adult give the baby food, and the animation is not just the regular running animation or something. In the game, the adults plays alone, and when its happy, He does his happy sun animation, then the babies do their happy animations. Same goes with about everything else. Everything the baby does is tiny again, while the adult’s is the same old size. It’s so dang cute.

They both went to bed at 10:00, babies next to them.

And now it is August 29, 2005, the last day the adults will be with their kids. I’m going to miss them.






29 Aug 2005

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Posted 04 September 2005 - 10:04 PM ( #2 )

UPDATE: September 4, 2005

12:00 A.M. (or simply 0:00 for you military freaks). I look down at Mesu and Osu. The lights are still out, but there is only 1 “Z” on the screen. I turn on the lights and I see something surprising.

There are the parents, awake and standing next to the sleeping baby. Then I remembered…the parents were gonna leave in 5 minutes. SO I watched quietly, as the parent hung out with the sleeping baby, just…standing there…

Well, at 12:05, the parents left. Nothing. No goodbyes, no sad departure scene, nothing. They just vanished, leaving a sleeping little baby.

I checked the Health icon. Both were completely empty in both Hungry and Happy, both now had 0% discipline, both were 0 years, 5 oz. If it’s no surprise to you, both woke up the time their parents used to…9:00.

For whatever reason Bandai intended, both of them stayed as babies for the entire day. They asked for discipline up to 75% (which is not surprising to other Mesu and Osu owners). The food has now changed. For the meal, they ate food from a lunch box, for a snack a cupcake. Also the babies now gained weight rather than stay at 5 oz. all day. They went to bed at 8:00 at night.

The next day, they evolved at exactly 9:05. They became a little panda-ish guy, Petitchi.

Petitchi: “Petitchi worries so much about what others think of him that he gets nervous just going for a walk! That sure makes it tough for little Petitchi. He should have more confidence in himself!!”

Haha…dancing panda things among both my screens…and pandas will eventually take over, you know that. So yeah, it got a bit easier taking care of these two, they look SCARY when you discipline them though. O.o;;

Anyway, they evolved into their adolescent ages 3 days later. Osu became Moritchi…

Moritchi: “Moritchi's very curious about Unidentified Mysterious Animals, and he looooves Science Fiction! His dream is to make friends with lots of people and watch every Science Fiction movie in existence while on Earth!”

…and Mesu became Morutchi.

Morutchi: “Her imagination is very powerful, and she quite often sees ghosts! Her specialty is telling people's love-fortunes, but you don't suppose she could foretell the future of her own love-affairs.... could she?”

Anyway, they both still look creepy when disciplined XD They both asked for it ‘till 100, and they went to bed at about 9. Also I got a Mini! w00t!

Anyways, more updates to come...


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Posted 04 September 2005 - 11:22 PM ( #3 )

SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Wow I have a brain cramp just reading half of it :S :huh:


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Posted 05 September 2005 - 12:35 AM ( #4 )

SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Wow I have a brain cramp just reading half of it :S :huh:

;) :hitodetchi:


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Posted 05 September 2005 - 08:13 PM ( #5 )

UPDATE: September 5, 2005

I awoke to find both Mesu and Osu sitting their poops with a skull among their heads. So yeah, they ended up evolving. :marumimitchi: Mesu evolved at 11:43 while Osu at 11:55.

Mesu became Mimikotchi...

Mimikotchi: "Her ideal guy is "more of a big-brother type than a handsome charmer". "But it won't hurt for him to be good-looking, too!" says Mimikotchi!"

...and Osu became MaruMimitchi.

MaruMimitchi: "He always says that "Friendship is the most important thing in the world", but he's not confident that he could keep saying that if he actually got a real girlfriend! But don't tell this to his friends."

Wow...they became the same charted adult character. Sweetnezz.

Anyway, I was checkin' out MaruMimitchi and I realized something. The original MaruMimitchi is a little wider and a bit taller than the new MaruMimitchi, and the animations are a LOT different. So anyway, they'll be mating tomorrow. They went to sleep at 10:00.

And meanwhile, my Tamagotchi Mini is doing ok. It's still a Marutchi. And it's soooo cute! =^-^= Sometimes it does these cute little animations, like it goes off the screen and you can see it hop around really far off on the screen. or sometimes it hops around. It's so simple to care for too! I highly recommend it. :ichigotchi:

My K-Plus is currently an Otokitchi, and since I don't have another k-Plus it'll die. :ichigotchi: But then again, I also got a Plus, so I'll see if they can fall for each other when they're both mature enough. :marumimitchi:

My V1 is a HinoTamatchi and my Plus is an Ichigotchi again...weird...now I've had him TWICE IN A ROW...


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Posted 12 September 2005 - 06:47 PM ( #6 )

UPDATE: 9/12/05

Yes, I know I waited too long to update, but here it is. MaruMimitchi and Mimikotchi mated. I got to show people exactly how it goes, and some were impressed, some were not. Either way, they both had babies known as Petitchocotchi.

Petitchocotchi: “S/he loves sweets and candies, and adores chocolate in particular. S/he'd better be careful of cavities and over-eating.”

The parents left 3 days later, and the babies evolved one full day after the parents left. They both became a character that looks like a cross between Tongaritchi and a drop of rain with feet. But we don’t call them any of those things…we call them MizuTamatchi.

MizuTamatchi: “Even though MizuTamatchi is only a child, s/he knows all the rumors about who's going out with whom in the Adultchi world. S/he may look cute, but s/he really quite precocious!”

They look messed up when you discipline them. :| No seriously though, I was checking these kids out, and I realized something…some of the Child characters on Mesu and Osu can be compared to the new 2004 teen Tama characters. Look, MizuTamatchi is bigger than YanguOyajitchi, and I find that disturbing in a sense.

They eventually evolved, Osu into Poruperatchi (or otherwise known as Propellertchi)

Poruperatchi: “He's using all the rumours he's heard (and confirmed) as research for his Great Romance Novel. That's why, even though he doesn't have much actual experience in falling in love, he acts like he knows everything.”

And Mesu became his femal counterpart, Batabatchi.

Batabatchi: “A little chatterbox that just won't shut up when it comes to stuff about boyfriends or rumors of love. If you're foolish enough to tell her a secret, everyone will know within an hour, so be careful!”

Ok, now that that’s covered, I can give you a quick rundown on my other Tamas. My Plus and V1 are both Oniotchi, the Mini is Mametchi, and K-Plus is still Otokitchi, age 20.


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Posted 15 September 2005 - 05:22 PM ( #7 )

UPDATE: September 15, 2005

The good news: Both Mesu and Osu evolved today. Osutchi became the much loved Kabutchi...

Kabutchi: "Kabuchi just wants to meet and fall in love with the kind of girl who can make him feel happy and at ease just by being near. He's a bit of a dreamer and romantic, isn't he?"

...and Mesu became Pipotchi.

Pipotchi: "This sweet little "cupid" is the kind of girl who's busy helping her friends "get together"... So before she knows it, she's the only one without a boyfriend! Someone please introduce her to a nice guy that deserves her! "

The two breed tomorrow.

On a sadder note, my K-Plus, Otokitchi, died today, as well as my Plus Oniotchi. Check the memorials for more info.


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Posted 16 September 2005 - 07:48 PM ( #8 )

Hey, nice log you have here. :blink:. I'm interested in both Osu and Mesu and the Tama minis, but I don't suspect I'll be able oto get either :blink:. Do they even still have Osu/Mesu in the shops?


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Posted 16 September 2005 - 08:45 PM ( #9 )

Hey, nice log you have here. :blink:. I'm interested in both Osu and Mesu and the Tama minis, but I don't suspect I'll be able oto get either :blink:. Do they even still have Osu/Mesu in the shops?

I don't think so. eBay's your best bet.

UPDATE: September 16, 2005

Well...they mated today...and had two of the coolest babies ever! They look like little Teletchi...but smaller, and with feet. XP

Petiteretchi: "The usual smile. A cheerful babytchi."

Since I got these babies, I might wanna explain that they're now on the "secret" generation, the 4th TMP of the Mesu and Osu. This means that everything that the babies become can be compared to a Tama with a higher level. If you don't get it, then just wait until they evolve. :o


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Posted 19 September 2005 - 07:58 PM ( #10 )

UPDATE: September 19, 2005

Well...Kabutchi and Pipotchi left last night...

The babies woke up in school and got taken away, I was lucky enough to pause them though. Near the end of the day, I stole them back. I feel so evil...in a good way. :furawatchi:

Anyway, now I have two small babies on the screen, just hangin out. They eat entirely different foods now. In the first TMP, back with Bunbutchi and Kikotchi, they ate a bowl of rice for a meal, or a candy for snack. In TMP2, they ate food from a lunchbox for a meal, and a cupcake for a snack. TMP3 ate a ball of rice and some foods on a stick. The TMP4 eats a piece of bread for a meal and a cake for a snack.

I checked the TMP meter, and these are the stats of the Tamas as of now:

Age: 2
Weight: 5
Hungry: Full hearts
Happy: Full hearts
TMP: 4 Crowns
Generation: 4

Oh yeah, I got my Mini back from my evil school :marumimitchi: And Mametchi...

...evolved into Ginjirotchi! :puroperatchi: :ichigotchi:


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Posted 27 September 2005 - 07:52 PM ( #11 )

UPDATE: Spetember 27, 2005

...sorry for the long wait. ^^;

Anyhowz, PetiTeretchi evolved into Harutchi, who basically was PetiTeretchi with arms and legs.

Harutchi: "S/he favourites dancing. When music sounds, suddenly the Tamagotchi gets rythmatic."

Lemme tell you something. This Tamagotchi character is about as big as YoungMametchi and is loder-looking. This means that the 4TMP characters are more advanced than many 2004/05 characters. Wow.

Anyway, these guys evolved a few days later, into Pyukitchi on Mesutchi...

Pyukitchi: "She is a lover girl. The Pyukitchi is reconciled by couples that argue and by all means makes everyone happy. To her, pain is strange."

And Osutchi became Kuribotchi.

Kuribotchi: "He is dense though his habit of consultation of gotchi love partners for everyone. His story is just made to hear things which also flies trouble."

You might have notices that it has the same name as a character on V2 and K-Plus, and Akai. Well I'll clear your theories up by saying that they're not the same character. So we'll call the Osutchi Kuribotchi...um... Kuribotchi [1]. And another thing...these two guys are THE BIGGEST TEENS EVER. They're bigger than Dorotchi!

Anyhow, the evolved a few more days later. Osu became ChoMametchi, who looks like a Mametchi with Mimitchi ears and darting eyes.

ChoMametchi: ""Love, ChoMametchi?" An oral gotchi. In order to know how it falls in love... he uses the philosophy house which is said to him."

And Mesutchi became ChoHimetchi, who we all know what looks like.

ChoHimetchi: "She favorites any favorite things, there is no doubting that...you say that's the idea of ChoHimetchi."

Before I get on with their love life, I've noticed something. The Mesutchi ChoHimetchi is much more better looking and much better animated than the one on V2. This one seems much more normal, but the V2 one looks utterly emotionless, and always has its arm up, which annoys me. The Mesu version only has its arm up when it's just wandering around the screen.

Anyway, they fell in love and had two more PetiTeretchis. Uh oh. Why is this bad? Because I don't want to be caught in a ring of the same characters over and over again. So I'm going to neglect the babies, and get the unmateables, and see what happens from there.

Anywayz...Mini died, and is Marutchi again. K-Plus is Gozarutchi (halleluya!) and V1 is Tarakotchi again.


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Posted 28 September 2005 - 03:33 AM ( #12 )

Okay, I am going to say this once, and once only!

Please no replying to others logs! :(
Thank you!


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Posted 30 September 2005 - 10:58 PM ( #13 )

UPDATE: September 30/October 1, or somewhere in between.

Wow...I'm updating this late at night. Anyway, I checked on Mesu and Osu at 12:00 to find the parents awake, while the babies slept. Nothing though. No sad "goodbye" animation, no leaving a gift for the baby, nothing. five minues after the parens awoke, they were gone.

The babies awoke at 9 and were as needy as always. I am not neglecting them, but not toal neglect, just to a point of imperfect care. Their weight is up and their discipline is low. The babies evolved into Harutchi, and are sleeping at the moment.

Tarakotchi had a baby and I got to get some sleep.


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Posted 03 October 2005 - 09:36 PM ( #14 )

UPDATE: 10-03-2005

Well...the quest to neglegt goes on!

The kids became the same teens from last time, Pyukutchi and Kuribotchi [1]. Their discipline is at a horribly low 25% while weighting over 45 oz/lbs! I let the beep for attention and ignore them completely afterward. God this is sickeningly...strange.

And K-Plus had a baby, who's now a sleeping Hitodetchi, who will evolve tomorrow.


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Posted 14 October 2005 - 11:53 AM ( #15 )

UPDATE: October 14, 2005

Been a while since I've updated, ne? XD

Anyway, the teens became ChoMametchi and ChoHimetchi again, and I neglected the babies horribly through their childhood.

And now for something incredibly different.

Both Harutchis, instead of become Kuribotchi [1] and {yukutchi, became...




*scary long pause*





Puroperatchi and Batabatchi!!!!!

Finally, the evolution line goes backwards!


Um...anyway, they both became....




*Am I annoying you now?*





Marumimitchi and Mimikotchi!

I was goin for the unmateables but ok. ^^ They'll be mating tomorrow.


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Posted 22 October 2005 - 08:37 AM ( #16 )

UPDATE: October 22, 2005

The MaruMimitchi and Mimikotchi materd, and produced two Petichicotchi. But the next day...

I found that Mesutchi...


...had reset. :(

MaruMimi was alone with his baby. After MaruMimitchi left, I started up Mesutchi. Osu became MizuTamatchi and then Puroperatchi.

As for Mesu...she took a different route. After her babyhood as Kuritchi, she became MohiTamatchi and then...something different. She became Hawaikotchi, who looks like a giant, smiling tooth with pigtails.

Hawaikotchi: "A dreamy eyed romantic. Her dream-guy is a sporty type, whose white teeth sparkle when he laughs. Her little pink pigtails are very cute."

As for my other 2 Tama, V1 is HinoTamatchi and K-Plus is...DOROTCHI! Horray!


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Posted 04 November 2005 - 06:21 PM ( #17 )


Ah, the slow updates!


Anyways, Purperatchi became Kabutchi and Hawaikotchi became the Bunbutchi's female counterpart, Bunkotchi.

Bunkotchi: "She tells all her friends that she doesn't need a boyfriend, but in reality she's really quite curious! She hopes someday to have a relationship with a handsome, wonderful guy that she can brag about to all her friends. "

The two bred (wow, cross-breeding!) and the babies were...




Wow, I went all this way and got the babies i started with. They left a few days later, and the babies soon became MohiTamatchi. Mesutchi became Hawaikotchi and Osu became her male counterpart, Hawainotchi.

Hawainotchi: "A bright, cheery fellow who's always super-energetic. But he's always in such a hurry that the people around him can get qyite exasperated! He has a very unique walk."

The became Bunbutchi and Bunkotchi (not before becoming Debutchi first) and they bred and had a very new baby, Tsubutchi. They remind me of ShiroBebitchi witha cone-head kinda look.

Tsubutchi: "No matter what happens, this laid-back guy never worries or panics.He may look like a tiny little speck, but he's strong enough to lift the heaviest of objects without even breaking into a sweat! "

So yes, there will be bloo--I mean--new characters! Stay tuned! :ichigotchi:

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