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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Virtual Pet: 84 in 1 Virtual Stands

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Posted 11 February 2018 - 08:35 AM ( #1 )

Author's Note: This is only an idea. If it were to happen I'd need total consent from BanDai JP and H. Araki to get this pet to be real, so this is an idea for now. Plus I think this pet would be popular in Japan.



Story: Some time after the events of JoJoLion, a weird effect has been happening to all Stands in the series. They all are craving attention and care from new people, and their original Stand users cannot control them for some odd reason. They're calling out to you, the new Stand user. Choose your Stand, make it even stronger and take care of it to boost its stats. Will you be the next Stand master?



Getting Started: When you start up your virtual pet, you will only get a few Stands to start up with. Those Stands are as follows: Star Platinum, The World, Hierophant Green, and Silver Chariot. You'll gain more Stands the more you take care of your main Stand. When you select your Stand, you will stay with that Stand until it dies or it runs away. Taking proper care of your Stand and training it is crucial as it influences your Stand's power. The starter Stands come with their own stats and special care instructions. When you select your Stand, a few notes of "JoJo~ Sono Chino Sadame~" will begin playing after your Stand has passed the hatching process, as all Stands come from eggs. All of its parameters are set to E and its Energy and Strength meters are empty. This will initiate an attention call and you must tend to your Stand. As it becomes more powerful when you take care of it properly, it will need less care.



Status Menu: The gauge-like icon is your Stand's stat menu. These contain the following: Energy (replacing Hunger), Strength (replacing Happiness), and the following Stand Parameters that are categorized by letters (A, B, C, D, and E): Destructive Power (Des. Power), Durability, Precision, Developmental Potential (Dev. Potential), Speed and Range. This is the key to knowing what your Stand needs and how strong your Stand is.



Food: The takeout box icon is where you can feed your Stand to increase its Energy. However, do not overfeed your Stand, as it will become sick and possibly overweight. There are several foods to choose from, such as yakisoba, sticky rice, and omurice. All foods can increase your Stand's Energy. Your Stand may have a favorite food as well. Can you find it?



Training: In order to increase your Stand's parameters, it needs to train. To train your Stand, select the dumbbell icon and your Stand will undergo training for a few minutes. You will be unable to select any other options until training is over.



Medicine: Select the hospital cross icon to heal your Stand of any injuries or illnesses. Sometimes it will take a while to cure, so keep trying.



Discipline: Select the megaphone icon if your Stand is refusing to eat, train or even sleep, as this will scold your Stand. It may not like it at first as it decreases your Stand's Strength, but it has to be done.



Fight: If your friend has another virtual pet, you can connect and battle. Select the fist icon to start the battle and initiate a connection between you and your friend's unit. Once connected, hit the middle button to initiate the fight. May the strongest Stand win! These battles will take your Stand's parameters into account, in which whoever has the highest parameters, their final blow will cause the other to lose the fight.



Sleep: Select the moon icon to turn the lights off if your Stand is sleeping. If you turn the lights off while your Stand is awake, it will call for you to turn it back on.



Attention: This silhouetted Jotaro icon cannot be selected. This is used if your Stand needs you for anything. To know what it needs, always check its stats.



Death: Sometimes your Stand can die from the following: Untreated injuries, illness, neglect, and over-exertion. To prevent this, always cure your Stand's illnesses (a skull will appear next to your Stand) and injuries (after battling another Stand, bandages are shown on your Stand), and make sure your Stand doesn't train too much to prevent over-exertion. If your Stand does not have enough Energy to continue, and your Stand is beaten in a fight against another unit's Stand, your Stand may die from the final shot.



Over-Exertion: Your Stand can only train 2 times a day. Any more than 2 will cause your Stand to be over-exerted and it may die due to exhaustion.



Tips and Tricks:  

- If your Stand also calls out for no reason, as long as its Energy and Strength are full, you can scold your Stand this way as well. 


- To get the most out of your Stand, train twice a day and give it praise by feeding it a snack. This sends a message to your Stand that it has done well.


- If you see your Stand do a yawning animation, be prepared to turn off the lights.


- If your Stand is left idle for a few hours, it may leave the screen. To call it back, select the megaphone icon. This will not count as discipline.


- If your starter Stand fights with another starter Stand, a rare occurence will pop up where the original user will help your Stand in the fight.


- Some Stands, such as Death Thirteen and High Priestess, cannot be obtained through normal means. It's up to you to figure out how to get the secret items to unleash the new Stand.

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Posted 31 March 2018 - 12:55 PM ( #2 )

As a total JJBA nerd....

I'd totally buy this if this was a real thing honestly.

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