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In Memory of My tamagotchis :)

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Posted 07 October 2004 - 09:35 PM ( #1 )

[FONT=Geneva]Tamagotchi's Name: Odet, Emale, and Grasy (leaving tonight; yes, I spell theirn ames that way on purpose!)
Tamagotchi's Age: 8 years for all
Date of Birth: Odet: 9-12-04, Emale, 9-22-04, Grasy 9-26-04
Date of Passing: Odet: 9-23-04, Emale 10-1-04, Grasy 10-7-04
What Generation? Odet: 1G Emale: 2G Grasy: 1G (Emale was Odet's daughter)

Your Comments: Emale is now a mommy to Oddra, who is 5 days old :o And Grasy will leave me with Stevy, who will be the first boy that has been born to one of my tamagotchis! (My first 2G boy). My other two tamagotchis are Piaa and Jerre, who will be having a baby of their own soon! I love you, little tamagotchis that have left and gone to Planet Tamagotchi! Odet, as an adult, became a Masktchi, Emale was a Gozarutchi, and Grasy was a Kuchipatchi, which Piaa and Oddra now are :( Enjoy those tamagotchis everyone!!! I miss you and love you my little girls who have left!!!






07 Oct 2004