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Happy Status?

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Posted 10 October 2004 - 06:34 PM ( #1 )

Susy, my Tama, just went to bed with only 1 heart of happiness. Will she be okay tomorrow? I am worried that she will leave because she is unhappy. Will her level decrease to no happy hearts overnight? Thanks!






10 Oct 2004

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10 Oct 2004


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Posted 10 October 2004 - 11:14 PM ( #2 )

1) Hunger/happiness stats don't change during sleep
2) A tamagotchi won't leave if it is simply unhappy
3) It will be fine tomorrow as long as you wake up in time to play with it (or, set the clock so it wakes up later)

If you want to get Mamechi/Mimichi, change the time to when it would normally be awake, play with it, then return it to the normal time. If you don't care about what character you get, just leave it be and check it in the morning.