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Tama colors vs. Personalities?

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Posted 17 October 2004 - 11:41 AM ( #1 )

Hey ya'll! I heard about Tamagotchi Plus/Connexion/Connection not too long ago and was ecstatic because I remember back in the day when they were first popular--along with the digipets and nanos and all of those. :D;

Anyway, I was looking into getting a newer Tama and I'm just curious--is there any connection between the color you get (green, peach w/ hearts, etc. etc.) and the personality or appearance of the actual pet? Or do they just differ in displays and stuff?

I was also wondering if there was a specific Tama I should aim for getting, as a newcomer to the newer generation, or if I should just choose which one I think fit me best (which I think I'm going to do anyway.)

Anywho, thanks for your help. :>






17 Oct 2004

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17 Oct 2004


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Posted 17 October 2004 - 11:58 AM ( #2 )

hi Momitchi the have kinda personalities all of them some loves some thing and others love something other things the same wit hates etc. :D i think you shall get one in case i think teyre really good