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*Warning: rant ahead*

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Posted 23 August 2004 - 04:59 PM ( #35 )

I'm 15!!!


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Posted 23 August 2004 - 06:59 PM ( #36 )

You know what is old? THIS TOPIC. LOL. oops better watch it with that netspeaking btw I LOL means Laugh Out Loud and btw means by the way for anyone not paying attention. I think it is pretty funny that we have to be grammatically correct in a forum devoted to a childrens toy. Give me a break. Altough I guess tama's aren't just for kids if all us old fogies are playing with them. hehe.



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Posted 22 October 2004 - 03:59 AM ( #37 )

Not to be rude or anything....

Some of us aged 12+ over have to do homework. Slang is simply an faster way of getting things done and moving on to more important issues. Like a maths test u have to study for.

I dont really judge people by the way they write. And i agree with CopperEos.

Build a bridge and get over it! lol Kidding im not that mean.


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Posted 22 October 2004 - 07:08 PM ( #38 )

This is an ancient topic, but I'm going to put in my two cents' worth since I'm here anyway. :angry:

Personally, 'netslang' and shorthand both annoy me to no end. And I'm guessing that's what it was with Tamagoyaki (am I spelling that right?). S/he wasn't trying to force anything on any of you--s/he was just stating his/her opinion and that's why there was a big RANT WARNING on the topic title. That's why I think it shows immaturaty on the parts of the people who immediately went on the defensive with big texts and all of the OMG U CANT TELL US HOW 2 TYEP.

But yeah, it's your choice how you type and how you don't. Me, I tend to ignore anything that I can't understand the first time through. I haven't /really/ had a problem with that here. Because I can understand that not everybody is a speed typer like me (I'm used to MUDs and MUSHes where you have to be fast, anyway) and it's easier sometimes.

But whatever. I like poking at topic corpses, heehee.


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Posted 22 October 2004 - 08:05 PM ( #39 )

Guess I'll add my two cents. Someone said that playing with Tamagotchis makes one immature, but I completely disagree. Playing with Tamagotchis just shows that you're still a child at heart, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, net slang irritates me. Mainly for two reasons: it really does not take that much effort to type a few more letters and I find that a lot of people who do not speak English as their first language have some difficulty understanding it. In my opinion, spelling everything the right way is being considerate to other people. And really... you don't save that much extra time typing slang, perhaps a milisecond or two at most.


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Posted 28 October 2004 - 03:27 AM ( #40 )

I didnt mean to be rude :)


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Posted 29 October 2004 - 12:08 AM ( #41 )

I really think the person that satrted this thread hasnīt read it in a long time.... al of us just keep extending it an extending it... :o hehehe

I donīt mined any of those netslangs or speaks.... you get used to them and tama gal is right it just makes it faster to comunicate and do other stuff...
OMG!!! =Oh my god!!
BRB!!! = Be right back!!
G2G!!! = Got to go!!

EASY.... normally your brain starts to look uo for coherent sentences that begin with the letters.... so if you think about it, young people are smarter īcause their brains react faster than older people, that donīt get it! :blink: right?
By the way Iīm 19! :P


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Posted 30 October 2004 - 03:27 PM ( #42 )

Hahaha, I'm another one adding an opinion to a long-dead issue-

I'm with the other current posters. The person who started the thread was just expressing an opinion. I tend to agree with that opinion. Net slang is fine and dandy if you're talking to people who understand it. Not everyone uses the same "lingo"- I've noticed it varies from social group to social group within the same school even! The thing I like least about net slang is that there are a lot of young teens who are picking it up, using it to "type faster" (which isn't true, with proper practice the fingers can memorize the keyboard- I personally type over 100 words per minute with near-perfect accuracy [and in proper english!]) ... sorry, got off track- these kids aren't teaching themselves anything. When you get to University or College you can;t hand in Essays that state things like "I thnk dat Hamlet wuz kool!"... They're getting used to typing like that, and it will make having to think and type in proper English a real chore.

As for using it on a message board...I think that if you want people to take you seriously in your request for help you should make it as easy as possible for them to understand.

As for all of the people who responded to the original post saying that they're a teen and they're mature, no matter how they type... I'm sorry, but it really does look immature when you spell words the way my pre-school cousin sounds them out!


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Posted 12 November 2004 - 02:46 PM ( #43 )

I changed how i type because I think people don't understand me. :(


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Posted 12 November 2004 - 03:33 PM ( #44 )

What's the big deal?
In my opinion...tamagoyaki should put up with the net slang and stop attacking people's personalaties.
While the rest of us put up with tamagoyaki. :(


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Posted 12 November 2004 - 04:56 PM ( #45 )

I'm going to have to say I side with those defending the topic author (I admit it, I'm a horrible person-- I don't remember who wrote this topic and I refuse to go back and look =P)

Due to the degeneration of English through the internet, my ex girlfriend continually got bad grades in school because of "Freudian slips" in her writing, and also it was irritating to chat with her online. She'd always be using the wrong form of "your" and "you're", as well as several other things. It made me feel like I was speaking to a child.

Anyways, yes. *Beats this dead horse yet again*