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tamagotchi pins and holders on ebay

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Posted 13 October 2005 - 09:34 PM ( #1 )

this isn't my auction or anything, but the seller is awesome. i've bought pins from them before. the shipping is cheap ($2.99) from hong kong. they have three in stock right now up for bid/buy. they tend to get more every now and then.

1 this is a non-bidding item, so you could buy it immediately.
2, you have to bid on this one.
3, you have to bid on this one too.

so far, i've bidded on four pins from them before. i have two of them in my possesion right now. i have pictures of them here and here. they're really durable. i have them on my purse :) the other two will be going in the mail soon.

in other news, they also have tama plushie cases at the toyzinjapan store.

i should really stop splurging on ebay :wacko: this week i've spent too much money on tamagotchi stuff. i did get an awesome ichigotchi tama case and a forest tama from iheartdawnie though :D still, my paycheck is dwindling in the bank... :wacko: still, i wanted to let the other tamafans know about these auctions.






13 Oct 2005