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Has anyone proved the battery issue?

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Posted 12 January 2005 - 08:06 AM ( #21 )

I've had mine for almost a month now, I keep the sound off while attending classes and pause it when I'm at work but it's still going either way, even my newer one works like a charm.


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Posted 12 January 2005 - 09:23 AM ( #22 )

When the first gen came out, Bandai made sure there were 2 batteries packaged with the tamagotchis because Bandai knew they were not quite right but they had to be ready to put them in stores on the date they had mentioned in the press release and that wasn't enough time to fix it. After that, the made the battery problem go away and they removed the extra battery from the package because people wouldn't need it once they had fixed the problem. That is the battery thing in a nutshell!