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Geneology: Audit Fieldmouse

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Posted 08 November 2004 - 10:56 PM ( #1 )

I bought my connection yesterday (11/7/04), at the Bandai store in Metreon.
I hatched Audit at 5pm and kept on him with food and exercise until dinner he changed, into a Marutchi. He was in my shirt pocket at dinner, and went to bed at 8pm.

Today (8th), I got up at 6am, and left the house I was staying at at 7:30, Audit riding in my front pocket again, to catch a plane home. We wandered through the airport, and I got my boarding passes, and hung out. I was a mile up and an hour to home around 3pm when I glanced at him and noticed he was doing something.. a little strange.
He was moving differently, with small lines around his body, so I tried praising him, and he made a happy sound and got his first training level. Over the day I cleaned up about 3... offerings of his, and fed him about 3-4 times, played games after most of these.

I got home, and put down my suitcases, as my roommate greeted me at the front door with a stack of bills, and the knowledge that the power company was complaining about them being late, around 6pm. At 7:30 I was fiddling with Aud, and turned the lights off, he went right to bed, and so I left him asleep. And he's still there.


Note: For the curious, his name is audit after a program I wrote that monitors (audits) network connections to a daemon. Fieldmouse being the last name of the string of generational members that will eventually succeed Audit.






08 Nov 2004

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09 Nov 2004


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Posted 09 November 2004 - 11:37 PM ( #2 )

November 9th Log.
Audit today got his second and third training levels. He was doing his dancing thing again, and I rewarded him, and then once he tried to get my attention for no reason, so I scolded him, and he went up one.

It was about 1am, and I was meeting with someone, when I heard a series of hysteric beeps from the Tamagotchi, so I pulled it out of my front pocket, and noticed he was changing into a...
strawberry? Oh.. No.. an Itchigotchi?
I excused him, and paused the Tama, while I concluded my business.
I cleaned up his leftovers a few times, fed him more, played with him a bit, and left him on the counter when I showered at 6pm.
At 8 I heard a beeping, and realised I'D LEFT HIM ON THE COUNTER!
He was asleep, next to a dropping. I got mad at myself and slapped myself around, before turning the light off, with the resolution to clean it up the second he awakes tomorrow.

Now he's a teen. Yay!

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