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My Character!

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Posted 27 October 2005 - 08:37 PM ( #1 )

**********Continued-- Passiontchi also looks like its writing a letter and its number one purpose to stay alive is to find the right one. But he/she can get jealous if it doesn't find a mate soon. It can also go into depression because of that and will 'beep' for no reason, so you'll have to give it a time out.

Why: Because it reminds me of how I LOVE my Tamagotchi and how I have a passion to keep a firm hold of it, never letting it go until I grow old (Or when I die/someone breaks it)!

What it looks like: Passiontchi: Has a leaf on top of its head, and looks kinda like a Furawatchi but has a little circle on each cheek indicating rosy cheeks. It reminds me of the passion fruit, or a little pink berry.

Treats/Items: Both like Chocolate-Hearts and Hair-Bows. Both Don't like Fish-Burgers and Boots

If you want to know more about my Passiontchi, then go .... here

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27 Oct 2005