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Posted 12 November 2005 - 05:31 PM ( #1 )

What name would you give to a new Tamagotchi Character?

I came up with the names Mabuitchi and Sukitchi.

Mabuitchi - Mabui means cute in Japanese. The character this name describes would be a toddler with large, innocent eyes and a meak smile. He would have a small amount of hair on the top of his head, and would be oval shaped. The animations would be: Spinning around and bouncing across the screen.

Sukitchi - Suki means love in Japanese. A Sukitchi would be a heart-shaped teenager with puckered lips forming a lovable smile. As well as being cute, Sukitchi is also talented and a great character to receive. The animations would be: Blowing kisses and balancing on a ball.

I hope you enjoyed my New Tamagotchi Character Names. Best of luck to everybody who enters this contest.


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12 Nov 2005