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New Tama name

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Posted 12 November 2005 - 05:57 PM ( #1 )

What name would you give to a new Tamagotchi character?

If I could make up tamas, and name them, I would name them:

Sushitchi. This Tamagotchi would look like a big sushi cake, and love meeting other Sushitchi. It hates eating and has trouble speaking its mind. It would be a frail Tamagotchi.

Saketchi: This Tamagotchi would look like a big cup of Sake. It loves to eat corn and tacos, but is very shy and also has trouble speaking its mind, and verry moody and sensitive. It is a naughty Tamagotchi.

ChoMimitchi: Would look like a Mimitchi with a crown. It likes pretending it's royal. Would be the best behaved Tamagotchi ever.

Maruringotchi: Would look like a ball-shaped apple. It liks to roll and eat cherrys and fruit juice, and very talkative. It'svery brave and bold, and speaks very loudly. It would be the same level as a Yu-fotchi.

Kuripuchitchi: Remember Kuritchi from Mesu/Osu? This cute little tama has exactly the same personalities as Kuritchi. It's a very small tama, loves to run around and jump, and would rather not sing. It's a baby boy.

Shirokuripuchitchi: Remember Kuritchi from Mesu/Osu? This cute little tama has the exact opposite personalities as Kuritchi.It's a very small tama, yet bigger than Kuripuchitchi, loves to sing and crawl, and would rather not jump. It's a baby girl.

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12 Nov 2005