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Tamagotch Entry

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Posted 12 November 2005 - 06:26 PM ( #1 )

What name would you give to a new Tamagotchi character?

The name that I would give to a new Tamagotchi character is Muyotchi. For the most part, it slides right off the tongue. Its catchy, and theres no catch to it. You get it instantly, right?

Well, heres the story how it all came into play.. In every group, there is an outkast. Whether he is mean, dirty, smelly, or just plain out grumpy. He is hated by many, right? Well, in every group we would call them a Muyotchi. They are not the nicest little critters you could meet. They are very hard to take care of, and it was once said by the Tamagotchi Tribe (200 Tama years ago) That whosever completes the lifecycle of a Muyotchi shall be crowned king/or queen.

Only the bravest should take on the roll to own a Muyotchi, for that it will be a challenge to make him/her nice..


Anyways, good luck to all entries because the more the marrier to who will win. Good luck, and take care!:angry:






12 Nov 2005