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Posted 13 November 2005 - 07:13 AM ( #1 )

What name would you give to a new Tamagotchi character?
I would make METATCHI - a teenager with Big eyes and a smiling mouth. Has big dreams of becoming a Mimitchi. ORANOTCHI A little bubble of a child with cute little legs! MAILOCHI(pronounced mile-otchi)Adult. Likes to make castles in the sand. loves to eat but cries just before it goes to bed. LINKOTCHI-a baby that likely evolves into Oranotchi. very cute has a weak little smile but loves to jump for joy. INBOTCHI- a teenager with a big mouth and says no to everything. TAOTCHI-child with kitty ears and tiny legs. TCHIOTCHI an adult with ice skates for feet and likes to go skating and skiing.
ok i would make more but i dont want to take anyone elses ideas

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13 Nov 2005