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Posted 13 November 2005 - 10:31 AM ( #1 )

*NOTE - Please use the File Attachments options to upload your entry*

This one is a play on words. Kan is "cap" and well, this does have a sort of cap/hood and Kamoku is "shy".
So obviously, this weird character uses its little hood to hide from the outer world (indicating that it isn't a good character).

I guess some of you will think this is a tortoise or a jellyfish, which was my impression when I looked at it. I didn't intend it to look like that one bit, but I don't feel like changing it knowing the contest ends today and also because it took me five hours to do it all.

So anyway, Paint is not my fave art program, but it is the only one I have. I am sure it won't win although my lrgest desirte is to get one of those American V2s so all I can do is cross my fingers and hope BanDai takes a shine on Kanokutchi. :ph34r:

EDIT: Thetre is a problem.It is all correct, the format is PNG (graficos de red portattiles is PNG in Spanish , portable net graphics) and the size is 26 KB but I get an error.

This means take the followijg link and I shall change its format to JPG which can be viewed here, but the original picture is on the link (JPG makes colours go blurry)
Photobucket link
Original picture in there. Modified format VV
JPEG JPG will not work.

Sorry, there is an uploading problem. I am afraid Admin, that you will have to take my link.
Sorry if this causes any bbothers.






13 Nov 2005