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anyone have this pass

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Posted 16 November 2005 - 08:22 PM ( #1 )

I "Had" 2 Tamagotchi's. 1 Was Girl, V1. The other was Boy, V2.
I made them get 4 hearts. They were adults. On about the 6th time i made my V2 give a present to the V1, They mated!

Now I lost my V1 to de-bugging. I got another V2. My 2nd V2 was at gen. 3, It died. Its currently at gen. 1, Boy
My Reg. V2, Was the rarest tamagotchi, at Gen. 2, It had a baby by the maker, same with Gen. 3. It's a girl now.

They both have 4 Hearts. I make the Boy give Presants to the girl, hoping instead of a presant, a Baby! (Or 2)
I did the same with !st V2 going to 2nd V2.

Please tell me what to do!

My Tamagotchi's:
Type: V2
Kind: Purple w/ Flowers (only 1 they had)
Name: Ify
Gender: G
Gen: 4
Tamagotchi: Gozaruthci (AKA Ninja)

Type: V2
Kind: Blue w/ Lolly-pops
Name: Vince
Gender: B
Gen: 1 (Was 3)
Tamagotchi: ??? (I forget name, AKA Plant)






16 Nov 2005

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16 Nov 2005


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Posted 16 November 2005 - 09:14 PM ( #2 )

ummm.... try waiting till they are7yrs.... fit yur prob?