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My Two Babytchi's Continuing Story

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Posted 26 November 2004 - 10:08 AM ( #1 )

My sweet little Tama hatched at 6:37PM on 11/10/04. She is my first Tama in four years. Iím fourteen now and I had my first at nine. After my first Tamaís batteries died I found that Wal-Mart had quit selling them. But the second I spotted the new Tamagotchi Connections I knew I had to have one. I hatched a lovely little Babytchi (girl). I was so confused that I was afraid I would kill her in the first hour. Luckily I didnít and it clicked after the first fifteen minutes or so. Happy! So I put her to bed four hearts happy and five hearts healthy.

She woke up starving the next day after changing into a lovely, but spoiled due to my confusion, one year old Marutchi I fed her cheese and several snack and played with her as much as I could. I had a twelve-hour debate tournament so I was very busy. She went to bed 11 pounds with full happy and health hearts. I fed her candy just before she went to sleep because I ran out of time for a game. So she was a little fat.

Itís morning now and I have a adorable Ichigotchi. I have one discipline bar. I am so not a disciplinarian. I wish it would behave though. Icky! She is now 21 pounds and 1 year old. Her personality is described as: Sincere, a little hasty, loves to dance and creates original dances everyday. I never play the dance game though, lol. I have developed an affection for the jump game. Memory isnít my thing. Grrr she was four hearts happy and wouldnít play a game so I disciplined her. She still wouldnít play so I had to keep disciplining. I fed her a snack (candy) and she finally played a game. I jumped 17 hurdles. I need to feed another snack to get her to play and burn some weight. Gosh. I accidentally hit the wrong buttons, panicked and that caused me to feed her three more snacks because I panicked. Drat! Ugh! So now she is 22 pounds. Drat! Yes! Twenty hurdles now, she is down to twenty pounds and totally happy and full. Iím trying to find a Tama Connexions.

The end of 11/21/04

Ok, well I bought my second Connections and I adsolutely love it. I bought the white one; which was in my opinion a rare find. I had to check a bunch of Wal-Marts to find him. I hatched him at 1:15 on November Twenty-First. I named him Recon. I have decided that all my first generation tamagotchis names will start with R, the second with T, and then after that whatever letter I feel like having. I caught both oppurtunities to praise or discipline Recon on his first day, and he now has two training bars, while Retro has three. Retro is now being potty trained as well. I have caught her in time twice today. They both went to bed perfectly happy and stuffed, with no piles of dung. I can't wait to see what teen Recon will change into tomorrow and I'm really excited! I tried connecting them today as well. It was awesome! I loved it some much that I probably connected them 50 times today! They both have full affection/friendship for each other already, and they have given each other jack-in-the-boxes (scary!), dung, flowers, cake, and a bouncy ball, which was the coolest. I can take out either ones bouncy ball at any time and they can play with it while all the other gifts just disapear. I also discovered that during connection they operate on their own. Connection doesn't usually last more than thirty seconds, and it's random what happens. All you do is connect them. Once they are both adults I am hoping I will be able to start generation two. Well, fingers crossed! Goodnight tamagotchis and owners. Feel free to comment. Ekslye.


Recon(the little moster!) woke up early today. But luckily I didn't sleep too late and I woke up in time to keep him happy and stuff. I got to potty train him for the first time today. I peeked in on him during school and I spotted a little scent wafting from him and put him on the toilet. His toilet is a little ducky, and Retro's is a normal one. Retro woke up late and immediatly beeped for attention. She wasn't hungry or unhappy though, so I gave her a time out. That took her discipline bar up another notch. She has five discipline bars now. I got the fifth when she started crying after she lost a game to Recon over connection and so I praised her. Recon has four bars of discipline no too. He is two years younger and he is already behaving better. I can't wait until he changes into a teen. I have caught every discipline, and every spot for praise, and started potty training, and kept him completely full and happy. I just hope I get Mametchi! Hopefully I can start generation two in about three or four days. By that time they should both be adults. They keep giving each other bouncy balls every time I connect them. I hope that's a good thing, lol. Recon had a cavity this morning. I had to take him to the doctor. Oh well, I will just quit feeding with him as often. He is ten pounds and Retro is twenty. Their both at just the right weight.

He changed into a teen and I am soooooooo happy! He is another itchigotchi. Lovin it!






26 Nov 2004

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