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How you can help TamaTalk (we REALLY need it!)

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Posted 24 November 2005 - 10:04 PM ( #1 )

Hello TamaTalkers!
As many of you have read (link here) TamaTalk is currently undergoing some growing pains. The costs of maintaining the site have recently made a BIG jump. I am doing what I can to keep things moving along but need your help.

We have signed up with various well known sites so that we can make a small commission for every purchase made if the links below are used. These commissions may not be much by themselves... But our hope is that enough TamaTalkers and their families will use them when doing holiday gift shopping so that they add up. Please, if you plan on doing any gift or other shopping online, come back to this page and use the links below to reach the online stores. Please also ask your parents, family and friends to do the same. We only earn commissions if these specific links are clicked. Bookmark them... Please use them... This is a great chance to give TamaTalk a nice little boost as we approach 2006 and the busy Christmas holiday season. Your help would be greatly appreciated and would help to keep us going strong in 2006 and beyond.

If shopping in the USA:
Ebay (USA)
KB Toys
Apple Computer

If shopping in the UK:
Ebay (UK)
I Want It Cheaper.com

If shopping in Australia:
Ebay (Australia)

If shopping in Canada:
Ebay (Canada)






24 Nov 2005