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Bandai is rude

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Posted 05 December 2004 - 02:53 PM ( #1 )

You guys i rcently sent a letter to Bandai about 3 weeks ago asking them what colors of the connection were out so i could decide which one i wanted to purchase and they sent a letter to my email saying that i would receive a response in 2 to 3 days, well its been 2 weeks and they havent sent aa rsponse and im pretty sure theyre not going to either. Talk about rude huh? Well anyways the walmart tamagotchis are awesome im getting a white and see thru red one! :)






05 Dec 2004

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Posted 05 December 2004 - 05:10 PM ( #2 )

You can not realistically expect them to answer.
I have been writing to them for the past three years and only gotten two responses. I was actually very surprised to get those. :)
When you write to a MONSTEROUSLY large company like that, getting a reply is unusual.
Don't hold it against them. That's just the way it is.


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Posted 05 December 2004 - 10:19 PM ( #3 )

they have millions of people that write to them, they can't answer everyone


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Posted 05 December 2004 - 11:50 PM ( #4 )

umm...i send an e-mail to Playmates toys a bout nano pals and got no answer, its just because thay are very busy......but think......why would bandai be rude....i mean, they made tamagotchis!!!!! lol :wub: :wub:


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Posted 28 December 2004 - 11:28 PM ( #5 )

Bandai wouldnt reply to me either.


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Posted 29 December 2004 - 02:45 PM ( #6 )

Ok, listen. Bandai is a huge company, they arnet going to answer all the letters they get. They may have read it but, you should just wait till they come out. Bandai probably wouldnt answer that question because as soon as you recieved it they would already have the colors out. They are not trying to be rude at all. They just dont have time to write back, so dont feel bad feel GLAD! :D
LuV yA~ ZeLdA~


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Posted 29 December 2004 - 02:48 PM ( #7 )

yep its true just imagine millions of people writing to you and you only have so much time till you have to work again i dont think you would be able to answer all of them




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Posted 21 January 2005 - 01:12 PM ( #8 )

Corporations consently lose their mail due to mis-handling by employees that they have or by other people such as the local post office. Trust me on this..I sent a lot of mail over seas and some times they don't get to their end destination.

Just have a parent help you write out a nice formal looking letter or email and resend it out.

Young children, youth and young adults maybe their biggest market niche but adults make 100x more cash then they do so the corporations tend to reply swifter.

Don't forget mail is sorted on a 'importantce' scale so if they feel it isn't a big deal then your letter get's chucked into the recycle bin. This isn't done against you...but it helps them get to the important stuff faster.

And time is money.

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Posted 21 January 2005 - 07:50 PM ( #9 )

Yeah i agree i wrote a letter to them i never got a respose and it was what... 3 years ago