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What do I do with my baby?

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Posted 08 December 2005 - 08:59 PM ( #1 )

My tamagotchi is only 7 years old...and I wasn't really expecting the matchmaker to come to it this early...But it did...And so I guess it had a baby with it's mate. What do I do with the baby? I don't really get the whole baby concept. I never knew they could have babies.






08 Dec 2005

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09 Dec 2005


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Posted 08 December 2005 - 09:12 PM ( #2 )

okay first of they CAN HAVE BABIES!!!
now the mother or father will stay on the screen for about 24 hours, after the 24 hours the mother or father will dissapear and go back to where ever it came from, than you are left to look after that child, so when it wakes up you name it and feed it and look after it and guess what Congratulation your on your second generation buy thats after the parent dissapears, and thats how you go from generation to generation :mellow: :mellow: :huh: :huh: :huh:

If you need any further help Please PM me. :D
Hope i helped :wacko: :D B) B) :ph34r:

~molly01 :blink: ;) B) B)


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Posted 08 December 2005 - 10:08 PM ( #3 )

Yep. Now youve started another generation, and it is likely that you will get a differnt Tamagotchi character then last time, then the match maker will appear again, if you do the same thing, you'll get another generation etc etc.. And on it goes :rolleyes:



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Posted 09 December 2005 - 04:27 AM ( #4 )


u take care of a babi ecactly as u took care of ure adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :huh: :lol: :) ;) ;) :D :D :D :D B) :D :D :D

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Posted 09 December 2005 - 06:42 AM ( #5 )

also, when the matchmaker comes i'm pretty positive that if you push "a" then you get a boy and if you push "b" you will get a girl...hope i helped...this concept has always worked for me and i'm going on my 3 generation on one tama and i got up to 12 generation on my other but yeah...it's broken :rolleyes: