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my long recession away from tamagotchi

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Posted 21 December 2004 - 02:50 AM ( #1 )

ey everybody. i'm back from my long break from tamagotchi.

but one day strolling through wal*mart, looking for my sister in the toy isle,
something caught my eye.

no it wasn't the s'mores maker,
or even the ever tempting power rangers (please die and go away!!!!) space super transformer energon ion proton neutron cannon blaster robot......powered by small children in a sweat shop.

no. it was the english tamagotchi.

i was thrilled to actually find this is a store. sure. it's been out for monthes now.

but i was on this tama site way before japan had them in a box ready to leave for here. so i stayed here fo a while, waiting, but finally got tired and ordered a japanese tamagotchi.

it was the greatest thing i've ever played (besides ddr and guitar freaks).

but, living in berea, ohio: the half-assed town of racist people who didn't understand my asian needs and didn't bother about tamagotchis, never....well..........bothered about tamagotchis.

so time passed, and i got really bored playing with myself (wait......who gets tired of that?! haha jk). so i just quit playing. but one year later, i moved to michigan, and my life changed greatly. people didn't suck, the city had a sweet arcade, an anime shop that had tamagotchi's (which i just found out literally), and an internet cafe all next to each other! holy crap.

so more time passed, and i forgot about tamagotchis (but always kept this site on my favs;) )

but as i've said before, i found them at wal*mart and that nostaligia over tamagotchi's came back to me.

well if you read all this crap the thx a lot that someone actually cres (or not :angry: )

anyways about the site

HOLY ****. we have like 2000 members!!!! i remember back n the day when we were all a tightly knit group of less then 200. very happy we have these many members.

last few thoughs PROMISE!!!

anybody go to Huron High school? or live in Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor of Michigan? cause right now it's just me and some person in myt school who has it.

and this is for admin:
when are we changing the "rankings" of our site? i submitted this a LONG time ago, and it seems pretty clear who's gonna win :D.

well thx a lot everyone, (or anyone) who read this. appreciate the time you took to read this.

also, please post your thoughts on the user rank system changing from things such as tama newbie and tamamax to the characters like Kuchipatchi and Gozarutchi, and how the admin would be able to do this (if the admin chose to)






21 Dec 2004

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21 Dec 2004


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Posted 21 December 2004 - 08:19 AM ( #2 )

Its great to have you back! You've got a LOT of reading to catch up on too... Over 25000 posts and counting! :D

Rest assured... The rank system is going to be changed... :angry: