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hibernation and a whole lot more

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Posted 22 December 2004 - 06:58 PM ( #1 )

man... i haven't been here for over a month. or two. ahh shame on me. i was trying to catch up on work in november upon my return from being in japan in october. and after i got done with that... i had to study for my much dreaded finals. now, i finally got that out of the way last week... and finally i am back on tamatalk.

it seems that a lot has changed since i was gone. can someone please give me a little update of what has changed on tamatalk since i was gone?? (new emoticons? ketai petition?) man im confused.

anyways, im in korea on my xmas vacation right now trying to kill time while i wait for other people in the house to wake up. please forgive my delayed responses. next week i am heading to japan, and then back home to hawaii.

thank you :rolleyes:






22 Dec 2004

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22 Dec 2004


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Posted 22 December 2004 - 07:20 PM ( #2 )

Hey my name is Chris im kinda new but i knowabout alot going on they have changed the smilees and now there great some look like this :huh: :P :huh: :rolleyes: :D :lol: and alot of people have been signing a form so that the tamagotchi keitai gets to come over here. If you find anything helpful your welcome! Lol!

;) Chris aka Scott or Squishy lol