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Tamagotchi's future? Whats in store?

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Posted 28 July 2004 - 04:50 PM ( #1 )

Well with the release of the new Tamagotchi Connection coming out in America in just a few weeks this of course brings the question,
Whats in store for Tamagotchi's?

I know they are still releasing new colors of the PLUS in japan but what next, will they stop production of the genius that is Tamagotchi?

What do you think? Currently they are selling well in japan and Europe, they were like number 1 in the U.K toysrus.co.uk site, But what do you think will happen will it be another tragedy and they just keep releasing them in japan? Or will they make a good comeback start producing more to the worldwide consumers?

I for one hope that they either start updating old Tama's like what they sort of did with Gen2/P2/(Connection now) and new features, some new charecters, and better technology, or Even Better start releasing new ones that haven't come out yet any where, Maybe Like some sort of Bird Tamagotchi Where you spend most of your time on a Branch and then have eggs which hatch into babies, or They may even release the ones that only came out in japan like DevilGotchi, or SantaGotchi But this isn't likely because they wouldnt just release them with American Text if anything update them.

Well you heard my Jabber now it's your turn What do you think is in store for our little V pets that we've grown to love.

I think are friends have a large journey ahead...







28 Jul 2004

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Posted 29 July 2004 - 05:37 AM ( #2 )

I don't know, but if they will release the Japanese ones worldwide, I have just one thing to say... WAHOOO! :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

Anyway, if you are interested, you can see some of our suggestions for future Tamagotchis here. Why not add your own?


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Posted 29 July 2004 - 07:21 AM ( #3 )

birdgotchi wud suck, sry to say but it wud, Birds are already alive etc... tamagotchis are made up creatures, wich makes them more fun.

I reckon theyll just sell a lot in US but not as much as they used too, tamagotchis wont catch on big this time around, although i did see someone walking into work playing one yesterday, so who knows?


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Posted 29 July 2004 - 07:29 AM ( #4 )

It's still early days yet, so who knows? My sister and her friends were very interested in the Tamagotchis when I showed them to them. Besides, the Tamagotchi Connections still hasn't been released in the US yet. Only time will tell.

Oh, and as for the Birdgotchi thing, I guess it has been a little over done with other cyber pets (kinda like dinosaurs and dogs) but still...