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Posted 04 February 2006 - 04:34 AM ( #1 )

"Tips, Codes 'n' Info Guide" by mametchichic
~*Table of Contents*~
1.1: The Basic Controls
2.1: The Secret Codes and Their Uses
3.1: Training and Characters
4.1: The Games
5.1: Fake Codes
6.1: Restocking the Shop

Easily find the section you're most wanting to look for: On most browsers, you have to option to quickly navigate through a page by going to the "Find" search thing. Go to that by pressing Ctrl + F usually. Type the decimal, and hit enter until you find the correct thing.

*** 1.1: The Basic Controls ***
1st Button: A - Choose things with this button.
2nd Button: B - Select things with this button.
3rd Button: C - Cancel button
Pause: A + B
Sound: A + C
Go to clock, to change the time, press A + C in clock mode.

1st Icon: Statistics icon, select to see weight, age, gender, name etc.
2nd Icon: Food icon, select to feed Tama.
3rd Icon: Toilet icon, select to clean up after Tama, or get your Tama to use the bathroom.
4th Icon: Games/Shop/Item icon, select to play games, go to shop, or use items.
5th Icon: Connect icon, select to connect with other Tamas.
1st Icon: Disipline icon, select to either praise or time out your Tama
2nd Icon: Medicine icon, select to give medicine when your Tamas sick or has a cavity.
3rd Icon: Lights icon, select to turn on or turn off lights.
4th Icon: Friend/Present icon, select to see friends or wrap presents.
5th Icon: Attention icon, lights up when Tama needs something or beeps for no reason.

*** 2.1: The Secret Codes and Their Uses ***

~*Tamagotchi Codes*~
Hair gel - A C B C A B A C
Love Potion - B C B A C A B A
Steak - B A C B C A C B
Whole Cake - A B B A C B C C
Costume - C B A A C A B C

How to get the items from the secret codes: Go to the games icon, go to the shop, and then press the A button

Hair gel 1 use, makes hair poofy, okay for happiness
Love Potion 1 use, drink, than quickly connect with ADULT of opposite gender, will make them fall in love instantly and i'm pretty sure make them have a baby... Not good if you're already at a good point in relationship.
Steak 1 use, excellent for hunger and most cases happiness.
Whole Cake 1 use, excellent for hunger and most cases happiness.
Costume Unlimited uses, you wear all day until your Tamagotchi goes to bed.

TIP: If you punch the code in another time, it will come up with a price, its optional to buy the second time, but most are very expensive.

*** 3.1: Training and Characters ***

TIP: Don't praise them for no reason, it really doesn't do a single thing.

~When to praise~
-When it's angry
-When it gives good presents

~When to time out~
-When they give bad presents
-When they beep for no apparent reason.

NOTE: Even if your Tama beeps and its hunger's down by one or two, you'll realize that even after you feed it, the attention icon is still highlighted... Give him/her a time out.

You cannot choose your character without debugging your Tamagotchi. You can't get a character from specific care or so many games.

What's debugging?: A hard process that you should only do if you don't fear of ruining your Tamagotchi.

To get a spoiler chart with each character, their bed time, wake time, fave food, and most hated food. If you want to know your favorite Tamas animations, PM me with the character you'd like to hear.

*** 4.1: The Games ***
NOTE: There are tips under how to play the games.

Jump: See the 3 little circles at the top that aren't highlighted at first? When they light up, you press that corosponding button quickly, this is tricky, but you'll get used to it.

Bump: This game is pretty difficult. You quickly press the B button repeatedly, and try and get lots of power to knock your opponent down.

Heading: A little tricky, but not too bad. Keep your Tama in the middle at all times. The ball comes down, go under it and quickly press the B button to hit the ball, remember, keep the Tamagotchi in the middle so you don't miss the ball.

Slot: This game is the trickiest, it's all about their facial expression. You press the B button whenever ready, and hope you get the right expression. The 'O' means you double the points you bet, the triangle means you get the the exact ammount of points you bet, and the 'X' means you get no points.

Jump: If you think that you have to keep pressing buttons, you don't, all you really have to do is wait for light to come on and then quickly press the correct button.

WARNING: Not good for people without good reflexes
TIP: Don't hold the button down at all, not even the slightest bit, it won't beep/work if you do.

Bump: Gain lots of weight... Press B a million times before bar comes up to tell you the power ammount you want. Don't press buttons afterwords, its not nessisary.

Heading: Try and play this game when you're not an adult. It's much easier than trying when you're an adult because you're shorter. Try and keep your guy in the middle so you don't have to rush over...

Slot: I'm not sure quiet yet about any real tips that work, if you do, PM me.

*** 5.1: Fake Codes ***

If there are any other codes, they're fake. There's only 5 real codes.

*** 6.1: Restocking The Shop ***

The shop restocks at 3am, 10am, 3pm, and 7pm.

To quickly restock the shop, go to the clock and press A + C together to set the time to a minute before the shop restock time, wait a minute, and there you go! Restocked! If your shop is full, it won't restock.

If you have any further questions PM me, don't post it here, PM me.






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Posted 13 February 2006 - 12:13 PM ( #2 )

how to get a young mimitchi


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how to get a young mimitchi

Shellshell, she clearly said not to post questions here!


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Posted 13 February 2006 - 05:48 PM ( #4 )

Very nice and detailed guide.
It will help many new tama owners.



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yes, very helpful for new owners. It even helped me a small bit!!! :o


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I will close this thread, as mametchichic has clearly requested members to PM her and not to post here.

Best, etc.