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Posted 26 January 2005 - 05:43 AM ( #1 )

yesyes i'm back from my tulmultous hospital experience. [thread of my leave: http://www.tamatalk....wtopic=4066&hl=] full of good news and bad news... but mostly good news.

good news. not tumor.
bad news. it's something else that doesn't really have a cure.

better news!
-when i came back home, i won an orignal '97 yellow tamagotchi on an eBay auction for just 10 dollars.
-i was talking to my best friend back in illinois over the phone, and she said she'll give me her old light blue angelgotchi for free since she never played with it since 5th grade and doesn't want it.
-my sensei asked me to be a replacement in the hawaii state japan wizard bowl for someone who dropped out! (in a nutshell it's a competition amongst hawaii schools in the area of the japanese language, culture, philosophy, etc) i feel so special.

for all the bad, there must be some good. i believe it. :D






26 Jan 2005