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Tama Tips for beginners :)

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Posted 03 March 2006 - 03:38 PM ( #1 )

Ok, here are a few tips for beginners:

The icons on your new tama represent the following:
1st icon: (looks like a scale) Shows your tamas health and their name weight..etc.
2nd icon: (looks like a chef) To feed your tama a meal, snack or treat.
3rd icon: (looks like a toilet) When your tama poo's to clean it up press icon, or if lines are coming out of your tama press on it. (it means he needs to go!)
4th icon: (looks like a bat and ball) Where u can either play a game, see your items, shop, password..etc.
5th icon: (looks like a heart) Infra red comuntication where you can connect with other tamas.
6th icon: (looks like a mouth) When your tama is bad or needs atention, choose either time out or praise.
7th icon: (looks like 1st aid kit) When a skull or tooth icon apears it means your tama is sick and to cure him choose this icon.
8th icon: (looks like a lamp) When your tama goes 2 sleep, turn out the lights.
9th icon: (looks like a book) Shows your friend list, history and where you can donate pts to the king.
10th icon: (looks like two heads) Can't select this icon; It highlights when your tama needs something.


At different stages of your tamas life, you will earn new games.

V2: 1. jump>Press the buttons when they light up
2. bump> Bump ther tamas. Press B button
3. heading>A + C buttons to select direction and B to bump ball
4. slot> Gambling game. Press B button when you want.

V.3: 1. get musical notes> Catch the falling notes in your bag and avoid poo.
2. bump> see V.2
3. flag game> watch for the falgs appearing. Use A and C to follow.
4. heading> see V.2
5. memory> watch the arrows and use buttons to repeat.
6. sprint game> Press any button over and over to race to the finish line.

Check the time: To check what time it is, simply press the B button (middle button).

Sound on\off: press and hold A then press C and choose On of Off.

Paude Mode: Press and Hold A button the press B button

The Matchmaker:

If your tamagotchi has grown old and hasnt yet found a partner, a matchmaker will come with a book and when she does press the B button and she will pick a random tamagotchi and will ask you if you want to make love with them. If it works, the lights will go out and your tamagotchi will mate with that tamagotchi in private....when the lights go back on there should be a baby tamagotchi next to your big one.

Theres a lot more stuff about tamgotchi's but thats just the basics! please comment <_<






03 Mar 2006

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Posted 03 March 2006 - 10:30 PM ( #2 )

Those tips are very good for New Tama users! :furawatchi:


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Posted 04 March 2006 - 01:30 PM ( #3 )

yes those are good tips for beginners but.how do i get a good tamagotchi ill show pics. like this one :huh: or this one :angry: or this one :angry:


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Posted 04 March 2006 - 02:20 PM ( #4 )

Yeh Nice Tips , I remember when i started i was just like ," Huh , what is this lol " :huh:


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Posted 04 March 2006 - 03:34 PM ( #5 )

thanks for the basics
thanks for the info. how many tamagotchis do you have?
from susie and meredith