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Tamagotchi Logs

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Posted 08 February 2005 - 10:41 PM ( #1 )

Log Entry 1
4:30 P.M, 2/8/05

Today I went with two friends to go buy an Atomagachi Connection thingy-ma-jig. One had already bought one and he was only there to help my other friend and me pick one out. I picked out a nice white one because the choices were see-through pink, see-through orange, pink, dark purple, light purple, and the white one I chose. My other friend chose the see-through orange. My Tama turned out to be a girl! I named her 'Lizzy' and connected her with my more experienced friend who had named his boy 'Mat'. My other friend got a girl and named her 'Nicky'. It was now a race to see who could attract Mat first. We connected over and over again on the ride to our houses, but since my Tama had hatched 10 mins earlier, it also fell asleep early. Now Nicky had ten extra minutes to attract Mat without any interference. Lizzy only got 2 smilies before she fell asleep, but Nicky got up to 4. Looks like Liz is gonna have to be a 'Mat Hog' during Lunch at school tomorrow.

8:36 P.M, 2/8/05

Now, 4 hours later, Liz has woken from her deep sleep. She turned into a Marutchi while she slept. She loves to jump, and doesn't like dancing much. She likes singing a lot, and eating. I really want her to turn into a Mimitchi. More logs tomorrow after school, readers!






08 Feb 2005

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Posted 12 February 2005 - 07:49 PM ( #2 )

Log Entry 2
5:46 P.M, 2/12/04

Wow! So much has happened since my last log. I got all 9 training bars, Liz turned from the Marutchi to the Hinotamachi, to the Tarakotchi. I've gotten a friend up to 4 hearts, and we're gonna mate soon and move to the 2g. It will be so cool!

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