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First log Bried progress to date

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Posted 19 February 2005 - 06:20 AM ( #1 )

Hi there I am the owner 2 two tamagotchi: Jenna G1 weight 32g age 8 waiting for Mrs Busybody as her beau Peter died before they got it together she is a kuchitpachi <_< and very likeable. She was born on 9th Feb 2005. She has 4 training points but never really neds attention just the odd game of hurdles and a dance suits her down to the ground. She gets full attention at the weekends and at church as long as the sound is off !! Peter who died on 18th Feb was also a kuchipatchi and he left me with little Daisy who was born on the 16th. He stayed with her and then went in the early hours of Friday morning.

Daisy is now a mimitchi, she was a very demanding baby and pooed regularly and cried for a while after daddy went but I found that praising her and playing games kept her happy. Jenna visited her a couple of times and left her a poo then a bad tummy ache hence more tears and the doctors bag came out. Now she is happy and they meet up regularly. Jenna is very clean and likes baths and doing her teeth, I haven't seen Daisy in the bath yet, however that remains to be seen. I am recording their progress on a spreadsheet and hope to see many more generations grow and also have a diary to record events. Sorry its so short but as I said it is a quick potted history to date as I have had them for nearly 2 weeks now but just recently discovered Tamatalk.

I have found them to be very endearing little characters and enjoy playing with them, at work they have their sound off and I have to check regularly to ensure they are ok and a quick visit to the ladies allows a quick dance or a game so they know I am still there . All my friends call me sad but at least tamagotchis dont hurt you and do nasty things. Long live them, maybe next month I will get a third and start a new string od tamagotchis. Greetings to all tama fans evrywhere and thank you for all the fun.

I was introduced to them by my sister who has one and my nephew, I think myt nephews was called Rosie and had a baby called Jean but she died, he then managed to kill Jhon his mothers tamagotchi so I think she looks after him herself now lol <_<






19 Feb 2005

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