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Sponsored Links and TamaTalk's future

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Posted 12 April 2006 - 08:44 PM ( #1 )

Hello TamaTalkers!
I wanted to fill you in on a change made to the way the topics are displayed on TamaTAlk. You may have noticed a new 'Sponsored Links' section when going through the forums. I wanted to take a moment to explain what is going on... It's pretty simple actually. It involves two things: TamaTalk's growth, money and a server. Well OK that is 3 things... But two and three are very much related. TamaTalk has been very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of Tamagotchi fans find us and like us enough to stick around. Growth is wonderful. Having a place for fans to gather, meet and talk about tamas and everything else is a great thing to offer and we are ecstatic about the potential for TamaTalk's future. Unfortunately, this also has a price. Many of you may have noticed the site becomes a little slow at times (if it come sup at all). A large part of this is the result of the numbers of people using the site and the poor server struggling to keep up with the demand. There is a solution which we have been strongly encouraged to look into... A new server. A new server will move us up to the next level of hosting and should make for a noticeable improvment in the speed of TamaTalk as well as get rid of the problems we've been experiencing. The problem? The setup we need is going to cost a LOT more money. This brings in the new Sponsored Links ad. Our goal is to hopefully make up enough of a difference in ad revenue to help me pay the difference so that the site can keep running smoothly. We're talking some serious jump in monthly costs here... It could almost be a car payment... My main worry is that if the site gets too expensive to maintain I will not be able to continue (meaning we would shut down). I'd much rather explore EVERY option I can find before that happens. I want TamaTalk to be here as long as possible. So back to the three things: growth, money and a server. I really believe this will help us all and leave room for future growth and a better/faster TamaTalk for all of us. The Sponsored Links are a way to help keep the site free for everyone to enjoy and learn from (though we still appreciate Angelgotchi donations!)... I appreciate your understanding on this... I am hear to listen to any suggestions or comments you may have! :(

A toast to TamaTalk's future! :)






12 Apr 2006