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Scary dino virtual pet

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Posted 13 April 2006 - 04:35 PM ( #1 )

Back when I was younger, I had this really freaky virtual pet. It came in a yellow case, and it was a dinosaur. (It wasn't a Dinkie Dino.) That was fine...it was kind of cute, in fact. But the problem was it would die at the drop of a hat. Like if you played with it too many times it would die, or if you didn't feed it as soon as it got hungry, and stuff like that.

And it wouldn't give you any warning it was dying! One minute it would be walking around, and suddenly it would turn into a skeleton, silently. I'm sure it doesn't sound that scary from the way I'm describing it, but if you saw it in real life, I'm sure you'd agree.

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13 Apr 2006