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My tamagotchis

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Posted 31 March 2005 - 06:13 PM ( #1 )

;) Thursday, March 31, 2005, 6:50 PM: Hi! Let tell you a little bit about my tamagotchis before I write my log:

Name: Alex
Sex: Boy
weight: 27
age: 4
genoration: 2
character: Androtchi
Name: Sarah
Sex: Girl
weight: 25
age: 0
genoration: 1
character: marutchi
Here's th rare one's profile:
Name: Addie
age: 9
weight: 23

Okay! Ready for my log!
Part 1:
I unpaused my tamagotchis. Marutchi, (the ball of doom) is always quiet. Oh yeah just to tell u: did you know if you leave a battery in the freezer it will work again? Anyway, Androtchi, (the robot) isn't very needy. :angry: Alex all full happy and hungry, unlike Sarah, almost all her hungry hearts are gone! :( She's gonna get needy again! :angry: I don't like when my tama's get needy, (but i love caring for them), but they don't give time for myself. Sarah is always needy. Here's Alex's and Sarah's Sleep Schedule:

Name: Alex
Sleep Schedule: 9 pm- 9 am
Name: Sarah
Sleep Schedule: 8 pm- 8 am
Name: Addie
Sleep Schedule: (different everyday)

Haven't been talking to Addie that much haven't I? Well, You can wake up Addie anytime you want. (except at night). But whats weird is sometime it stays up all night! Even if you try to put it to bed it still won't . That's whats weird about it. I connected my connections. Sarah gave Alex poop. (Ew!) I connected again. I was playing the balloon game. Alex lost and Sarah won.

Thats all for today. i'll come and write tommorrow.






31 Mar 2005

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