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My tamagotchis

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Posted 01 April 2005 - 08:06 AM ( #1 )

Friday, April 1, 2005, 8:14 :huh: :

I got up at 8. Sarah is awake, and Addie is awake, but Alex is still sleeping. So I fed Sarah and Addie, (Sarah ate a roll and Addie rice). I played 1 game with Addie, and 5 games with Sarah. (I really don't give Addie much attention). I left them alone, and went to eat breakfast. (Mmmm, Rice Krispies!) I always get annoyed when alex always sleeps during the day! :huh: But one time my tama pooped and lost a hungry heart? Is that normal? :huh: Oh well, that happened a lot of times. :lol: Here's my tama's status now:

Name: Alex
Age: 5
weight: 27
Name: Sarah
Age: 0
weight: 18
Name: Addie
Age: 10
weight: 33

Well, my tamagotchis status changed a little.....
To see genorations genders, go to yesterday's log. (Thursay, March 31, 2005).

.... Hopfully my tamagotchis won't die before it has a 2nd genortion,...Here's my tamagotchis list of friends and gifts:

Alex's List
1 Alexi
2 Alexi
3 Nicki
4 Nicki
5 (no name)
6 Jen
7 Josh
8 Josh
9 Mike
10 Tike
11 Brin
12 Boo
13 Alex
14 Sarah
presents: bouncyball

Sarah's List
1 Alex
presents: (none)

Addie's List

My little Androtchi has the most friends, guess Addie's the most jealous cause she doesen't have any friends! :huh:
Addie is the most quiet during the day, needing nothing, WITH ALEX STILL SLEEPING! :lol: Here's a message they left me:
Keep cool, :lol:
Sarah, Addie, and Alex

:huh: JUST KIDDIN'! did you know santa comes on a connection? ALEX! Wake up! He wakes up until 9, it's boring waiting for him to wake up....Here's there status:

full happy and hungry
half full mood
lost 1 happy heart

I wish my tamagotchis, would grow sooner, kinda like, NOW! Lol, i'm inpatient sometimes, :huh:

By the way, some e-mailed me saying, what's a tama sqear? If you know what this, please PM me.
Sarah pooped, at 8:56, I cleaned it up, losing a hungry heart. Addie didn't. the most quiet of all! oo0oo. oke., Addie called for attention, (she pooped) I cleaned it up, she was happy. Alex has woken up! Finally! I fed him fish, (a robot eating fish? how odd) I fed him 1 snack, (it looks like ice-cream). I played a game with Alex, and left him alone. I miss Alexi! she was a Mametchi and very sweet! She looked so cute when she was writing with her pencil, but she had to go away, cause she a baby. :lol: I wish Alexi would stay with me all day long.
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01 Apr 2005

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