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my theory.

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Posted 17 August 2004 - 04:22 PM ( #1 )

Okay, alot of people have been talking (complaining) about how their US Tama Connections have become teens and adult faster than the Jp and Uk versions. So, ima fill u in on what i think, and maybe ill be right, and if i am, you havta buy me lunch :( okay, what I think is that Bandai made the 1st generation (or perhaps the first actual Tama that you hatch) age faster so you could get used to the tamagotchis functions(training, toilet, etc.) so that when you get into later generations, you know what to do and dont make any mistakes in raising your tama the way u want! But, We'll havta see with Kat's(see Mimitchi.com/aibochat) or Mimitchi's Tama's you never know what Bandai USA has conjured up for the next generation of people, also, i mean, im pretty sure they've done what i said, since there hasnt been a new tama in 3-4 years (or more, idk) im sure they think that some of us might've forgot how to raise a tama :lol: but, who knows, i just took a survey at school today which said im extremely Extential(sp?) so i think about things on a more open and "risky" basis than say, someone who is really Kinesthetic(sp?)...so....yeah......im gonna stop being smart for a couple days....






17 Aug 2004