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The Great Tamagotchi Shell-ection Contest

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Beginning this Saturday, Bandai will be hosting a series of polls
at for the next four weeks that will allow fans to
decide an upcoming Tamagotchi design to be released in January. The name of
this program is "The Great Tamagotchi Shell-ection Contest".

How will "The Great Tamagotchi Shell-ection Contest" work? We will be able to see
four shell designs each week and vote for our favorite of the
four. These weekly winners will then become finalists in a vote during the fourth
week. Whichever design wins on the final vote will be made by Bandai
and released in January. This is kind of like American Idol/Pop Idol
for Tamagotchi designs... How sweet is that?! Bandai is really
listening to the fans. Nothing like this has been done by them before.

[url=""][b]Cast your vote in the Great Tamagotchi Shell-ection Contest!![/b][/url]
[b]Remember to vote every week![/b]

PLUS! Let Bandai know who Tamagotchi fans really are!
Fill out the [url=""]Tamagotchi fan survey[/url]! Edited by Admin

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A quick update...

Voting has ended on the Great Tamagotchi Shell-ection COntest. Now we wait until later this year to see the winning design! :angry:

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