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Hooray I got my Tama!

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Posted 18 August 2004 - 08:52 PM ( #1 )

Just nit-picking now :huh:

So, my Tamagotchi (FINALLY!) arrived in the mail today :D I was looking at the little instruction sheet, though, and it says "Not intended for sales or distribution in the USA, Canada, or Europe". I thought I was buying a UK model.

So, where is my Tamagotchi from, and why is it in English if it wasn't mean to be distributed to the major English speaking markets?

Also, international tamagotchis don't have any trouble connecting with one another, right?






18 Aug 2004

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Posted 18 August 2004 - 09:49 PM ( #2 )

hm... That's is kinda odd... but I did *READ* somewhere that there was a HK release of TamaConx. And since HK speaks both Eng. and Chi. I think maybe that's why its got an English manual but says its not to be Dist. to US, Can, or Euro.

But I wouldn't worry too much about it though --- especially if you bought it off the net --- I mean --- it's the exachange of good from one person to another --- as long as you didn't like --- buy it from a store -- I don't think there's a problem with it.... but then again, I'm sure this isn't what worries you.... ^____^


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Posted 19 August 2004 - 05:04 AM ( #3 )

They released the ConX in Europe and Asia. The majority of USA sellers have the Asian editions.

The way to tell is this:

The European ones come with a large, round backboard which is two different colours (colours vary depending on which design the tama is)

The Asain-English models come on a smaller, all blue backboard

Other than that they are identical, and you won't have any problem connecting them to European, Asian, American, or Japanese Tama's

Hope this helps.


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Posted 19 August 2004 - 05:12 AM ( #4 )

Thanks for the insight, guys. I'm not particularly worried, but for the past few weeks, I thought Barb's Collectibles was sending me a UK model, so I was sort of amused when I got this one (indeed on a blue card) and it's like "arrrg do not sell me in europe!!!!1".

I was crazy surprised when I opened the padded envelope and the whole thing was in there. I thought even the blue packaging was going to way way bigger.


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Posted 06 October 2006 - 02:23 PM ( #5 )

well you got it thats the main thing!


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Posted 06 October 2006 - 07:47 PM ( #6 )

HUH?Thats Weird!