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In Memory of Vince

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Posted 19 August 2004 - 09:00 PM ( #1 )

Your Tamagotchi's name: Vince
Your Tamagotchi's age: 3
Date of birth: 8/16/90
Date of passing: 8/19/90
Growth stage: Teenager
Tamagotchi Breed: Ichigotchi
What generation? Generation 1
Any other information? Vince was my brother's Tamagotchi, which he handed to me to take care of. I felt so bad when it died. I have 4 to take care of now because I am also caring for my siblings plus my own. I guess I was just a few minutes too slow and right when I picked him up, he was gone. ;) Yes, very sad, dying at age 3, but I hope poor Vince will forgive me.
Your Comments: We will always love you, Vince. You were our very first Tamagotchi Connection to be hatched in the family (an hour before the other three), and you had such a hard time surviving high school with me. Hope you enjoy your new life.






19 Aug 2004