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Using Rare Items...?

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Posted 22 August 2006 - 01:26 PM ( #1 )

I'm a fairly new user of the V3 Tamagotchi...I've only had mine for about a month. Last night I found and entered all of the 7 "secret codes" into my Tama, and got the secret items. But before I go about using and possibly losing them...what do they do? :furawatchi:

What do the following items do, and how many times can you use them?
  • cuckoo clock
  • stuffed animal
  • hair gel
  • honey (love potion)
  • costume
  • !!
Thanks! :P






22 Aug 2006

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Posted 22 August 2006 - 01:40 PM ( #2 )

the stuffed animal is actually a costume u can only use it once it goes away wen it goes to sleep :blink: the hair gel u can use only once it makes your tamagotchi grow hair and the love potion makes your tamagotchi think about love :) and the !! makes your tamagotchi dance when its a adult


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Posted 22 August 2006 - 02:05 PM ( #3 )

cuckoo clock: select it before the hour (about only 1-2 min before any longer and it will go off the screen early) and on the hour it will cuckoo

stuffed animal: actually a cute costume you only get to use once though! When it goes to bed it will disappear.

hair gel: gives your tama big puffy black hair but also you can only use once.

love potion: makes you fall in love with another tama adult instantly (so you dont have to connect over and over) another 1 time use has to be boy and girl tamas.

Costume: another costume but you can use it as much as you want never disappears. It will come off when your tama sleeps and you can use it the next day.

!!: This one is cool. It clones your tama and they dance together. Also an item you can use as much as you want. :D :D :D

I hope this helped ive had tamas for a long time even in 1997 and i know a lot about them but probably not everything :blink: :)

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 05:34 PM ( #4 )

Thanks for your help, Shortypie and hebb! :unsure: