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Emails to Bandai

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 04:16 AM ( #1 )

Sorry this post is long!

Q1: Hello,

I am sorry but I am here to complain, and suggest things. As implied by the
subject title, my Tamagotchi Connexion version 3 is faulty.

First off, the IR window for my Tamagotchi Connexion version 3 is a little
loose. Secondly, in the Tamagotchi family tree, the Tamagotchi's PARENT (not
great great great grandparent or anything like that) keeps on disappearing!
And I don't even visit it! Is there anything up with that?

Also I don't like it how, if you don't get all the way up to the fireworks
in a game, your Tamagotchi only loses 1 or 2 pounds! Being the extravagant
Tamagotchi carer I am, I really_don't_like_this. Perhaps, if you created a
new version, every time you do alright in a game you can lose 3 pounds. I
would thank you if you did!

Another suggestion is, many people don't like the antenna on the Tamagotchi
Connexion version 3. It gets in the way. It may be wise to take the antenna
off unless it had any purpose and many would be a lot happier for that :wacko:
(more happy people more sales you get :huh:)

Thankyou for listening to me (if you did).

If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to ask you of something else. Some people on
the Tamagotchi chat room TamaTalk were saying they'd like
Angelgotchi/Tamagotchi Angel to come back but as a better version. What do
you think?

Again, thankyou for listening to me, if you did. I know it's hard when
people are complaining to you a lot.

-Dancinkayley (a.k.a. Gotchi- that's my Tamagotchi nickname at school)

A1: We are proud of our reputation as a manufacturer of high quality toys that are fun and satisfying for children. By alerting us to areas where improvements can be made, consumers like you help ensure that we will continue to meet this high standard.

If the Tamagotchi truly has a parent then it can be accessed through the Family section by choosing Parent. A former Tamagotchi character who had their own baby Tamagotchi would be listed as the Parent. If the Tamagotchi "died" and the second generation was created from a new egg then the previous character would be listed under History instead.

After the 4th generation, 3 characters will be shown under "PARENTS", meaning the newborn Tamagotchi pushed the history of previous parents up. So a list of "the parents" and "the grandparents" exists and give you passwords for visits but anything higher than that would be like great grandparents will not give you passwords any more.

Thank you,

Customer Service

Q2: Hello,

I saw a news article that you are going to let people choose what they would
like for the newer Tamagotchi Connexion. I thought that maybe it would be
way too insane if you had like, 10 versions of Tamagotchi Connexion in the
future, so maybe name it something different? Like Tamagotchi Revolution?

Anyway, since I think this thing where people choose what they like is only
going to the USA and I like in Australia, I'd like to give you a bunch of
ideas that many would like. NOTE: These may be really expensive to make...

1. Wireless communication. Then, you can connect further! There could also
be an IR port at the bottom for connecting with older Tamagotchi Connexions.
2. Messaging via wireless. You could have five lines to write on, and then
send your message to a friend!
3. No antenna unless it's neccesary. (I don't really like the idea.)
4. Rechargable batteries!
5. "External extension port" at the side- can hook up to a battery charger
and has direct link to the computer.
6. Battery level thing either in the Status screen or at the very side of
the screen.
7. Mail and schooling like the Japanese Entama/Cho Jinsei Enjoy.

Btw I got Tamagotchi Connexion: Corner Shop yesterday, I found it addicting
and fun! (I played for 7 hours straight and beat it in one day. The only big
poo was the code didn't work in my Tamagotchi Connexion version 3.)

Sorry if this was the wrong email to contact. I couldn't find any of your
other emails (I'm just assuming you have other email adresses).


A2: Dear Dancinkayley:

Yes, it's true! Bandai America is currently calling on all Tamagotchi fans to help select new designs for the Tamagotchi Connection toy! Make sure your voice is heard and log onto Tamagotchi.com beginning July 22 to VOTE for your favorite design. Bandai America will post new designs every Friday, so check back often to make your vote heard. The design that receives the most votes will be announced later this Fall.

As for your specific ideas and concepts, Bandaiís long-standing company policy does not allow it to accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions, or materials other than those it has specifically requested. We hope you will understand that it is the intent of this policy to avoid the possibility of future misunderstandings when projects developed by Bandaiís professional staff might seem to others to be similar to their own creative work.

Accordingly, we must, regretfully, ask that you do not send us any original creative materials such as stories or character ideas, screen plays, or original artwork. We regret to advise you that Bandai is not in the position to assist you in producing a toy line for your property.

Thank you,

Customer Service

Q3: Hi,

Remember the v3 I used to complain about virtually every day? Well, now I
was looking inside it for the debug feature (even though it isn't in a
Connexion, which I just found out). And then doom struck me. I put it back
together and half the liquid crystals didn't work! I opened it up together
then put it back together again in desperation. Now 3/4 of the liquid
crystals didn't work! I repeated, opening it up the full way and then back,
now the icons on the top row didn't work! And now, a quarter of the screen
doesn't work! I feel REALLY bad now... is there anything I can do? I checked
it and everything looks A-OK. Oh yeah, I forgot, I took out the IR receiver
so nobody can annoy me by saying, "Connect? Connect?" (Honestly, I don't
like the sound of that.)

What do you think the problem might be?

At least I have my v1 to play with... I love v1s! (I'm an old schooler, I
really want a Gen2... you know, the old ones without the IR feature?)

Finally, my friends and I want to do a Tamagotchi demo on the computer as
free advertising for you, when we can find out how to and get the
programming skills. Is that okay with you if we actually do find the time to
make it together?


A3: Bandai America has never recommended "debugging" as a way to get any special feature on the toy itself. We have heard some toy owners try this but most meet the same results you did. Trying to debug the toy can cause a loss of function.

Unfortunately there is no repair/replacement that can be done to a "debugged" Tamagotchi.

Q4: That's okay, I opened up my Tamagotchi and put it back together and it
suddenly worked (?). Actually, I didn't debug, mine is a ConneXion. With the

By the way I have a couple of random questions:

How do you pronounce 'Tamagotchi'? I pronounce it tah-mah-gotch.
Is Robotchi called Robotchi or Androtchi? And is Furawatchi called
Furawatchi, Leaftchi, Korotchi or Violetchi? There are a lot of arguements
about it...

My v3 came in handy today, I used it as a watch. I can't imagine what it
would be like if I couldn't access the time! I might be getting a Tamagotchi
Mini soon :huh: I'm a big fan of Tamagotchi, but I've heard of people who are
even bigger fans, having something like 98 Tamagotchi!

A4: Dear Kayley:

Thank you for your support of Tamagotchi. We don't distribute the ConneXion in the U.S. but rather the Tamgotchi ConneCtion. Just slightly different variation of the same basic item.

For detailed character information you can get help from fellow Tamagotchi owners at fan-supported sites and forums like:
Tamagotchi Village
Tamagotchi Fan
Tamagotchi Online
Tama Zone
Tamagotchi Planet
Tamagotchi Universe
Tamagotchi Tango
Tama Island
Tamagotchi Fans

Q5: Hello.

First of all, I was dared to ask if the one who is answering me is a human
or computer. Somehow, the answers sound like a computer.

Anyway I got this glitch where the parent appeared TWICE on the parent list
(same with the history). Let's pretend this is my parent:

Species: Mimiyoritchi
Name: Nini
Weight: 30g
Age: 9

Anway it goes number 1, a 9 year old Mimiyoritchi called Nini weighing 30g.
I press A, and am greeted with a number 2, a 9 year old Mimiyoritchi called
Nini weighing 30g (SORRY. LBS- it confuses me with American measurements!).

Same goes with the history list...


-The Person Sitting Behind This Computer At The Other End Of The Line

A5: Your email has reached customer service and this is a "human" answering it.

We're not sure of your line of questioning and since you mention you're not used to American measurements you might want to just let us know what country you're from and we'll guide you to the right office to contact for your area. Don't give us a specific address where you're at just a general area please.

Thank you,
Customer Service

That's all the emails I've asked! Please post if you have another question with the answers not listed here!






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hmmmmmmmmmmm okay sorry about ur tama