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If youre tama gets wet

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Posted 27 August 2006 - 07:39 PM ( #1 )

:furawatchi: THIS TOTALLY WORKED FOR ME :furawatchi: once i went with my friend to go and have a water fight at one of our other friends house because it was a really hot day. How stupid i was! Iforgot my tamagotchi v2 and v3 where in my poket! The inner screen craked in my v2 toy so it was useless and i had to throw it out but on my v3 it was makeing an anoyying beeping sound and there where black lines floating up and down the screen. I tryed pokeing the reset button but all that happed was an egg showed up and then it dissappeared and the black lines came back. If that ever happens what you need to do is take the screw in the back out and the back cover,take the battary out and put the tamagotchi under a light shineing directally around the area where the battary is supposed to go. Kepp it like that untile the next day, get a new battary to put in put the cover and the screw back on and press the reset button then it should work again :furawatchi: it worked twice for me! :furawatchi:

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27 Aug 2006

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Posted 27 August 2006 - 08:30 PM ( #2 )

wow! I've never heard that trick before! that's cool!