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Do NOT do this with your Tamagotchi!

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Posted 28 August 2006 - 05:08 AM ( #1 )

My friend hates her v3. I HATE v3's too. Someone tell me how to survive them!

Okay, my friend also had a fake, so we were playing a game called 'Aki Maita' with it. What we do is pretend to be Aki Maita and act out her reaction to a fake Tamagotchi using the fake Tamagotchi as a 'victim'.

Eventually this 'game' spread and we used the v3 for this game. A bit of footy kicking it, grinding it in the ground, chucking it about and smashing it on the tree that we usually play under. One time, when my friend was chucking the Tamagotchi, she decided she'd throw it over the fence of the basketball courts. So she did.

It landed with a SMACK and we went to the other side and picked it up. It was still in good condition. Since the Tamagotchi landed near the basketball hoop, we decided we'll try to chuck it in. We were such bad shooters, we always missed. Most of the throws just made the Tamagotchi land with more SMACKS and the shell got badly scratched. After about 15 throws, we picked up the Tamagotchi to chuck it again and we saw the screen had fallen victim to what is known as an 'ink spill', where the Tamagotchi screen looks as though ink has been spilled on it because the LCD is broken on the inside.

I took it home, thinking it really was ink only to find the LCD was broken on the inside. Not much I could do there, so I changed the background and shut the Tamagotchi. The 'ink spill' shape changed.

Four days after the first 'ink spill', the 'ink spill' became slightly larger. It couldn't be fixed, so we played basketball again. The 'ink spill' gradually became worse. Not too much, though.

My friend and I were kicked out of the basketball courts because we didn't have a ball, so we played another game- see how hard we could smash it on the concrete outside of the basketball courts. Again, the 'ink spill' gradually became worse, and again not too much worse.

Emma chucked it on the grass for a long distance and it landed near the concrete path. I picked up the Tamagotchi again and played the same game with it. A group of boys came and saw us chucking the Tamagotchi. They all wanted to chuck it, seeing as it was already broken. After a few more chucks, one of the boys, Jacob picked it up. "Whoa!" he said. Emma and I took a look (I only saw a bit of black, so I was only slightly concerned). He gave it the second last chuck and I saw the screen was almost totally black and very, very cracked.

After lunch, we went to the bag area to put our hats away. One of my classmates, Madison saw the Tamagotchi and smashed it on the concrete for the final time. That was the final time it has been smashed.

Right now the Tamagotchi is in my home, disassembled.

What do you think of my recount? Mind you, it is not fiction! It is a true story! Mind you, I was involved! If you like, I'll SCAN the Tamagotchi for you!

Also, please answer the question I asked in the first line (how can I survive v3s?).

Thankyou for listening (if you did)!






28 Aug 2006