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Stars and Yum!es tamagotchi log

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Posted 24 April 2005 - 10:30 AM ( #1 )

tamagotchi log

these are a few records I jotted down of activities my tamagotchis did over the week:)
7:02^ yum!e gave stars 2 hearts
7:04 ^stars gave yum!e 2 bouncy balls
8:11* stars played with pencil
8:36*stars gave herself a hot bath
1:20^ yum!e was naughty and gave stars a snake
1:23* stars gave yum!e his another ball... his 3rd
2:04^ stars walked up to the screen *smiled* and looked out, then walked back
8:44* stars gave herself another bath...what a hygienic little thing she is
8:51^ I turned yum!e's lights off and he fell straight asleep
11:04^ -pm- I changed stars time to wake her up and see if the stores stocked items had changed, -trick i learnt- they had and this was the new stock* hat, dumbbells, sandwich & pasta. I just browsed then put stars back to sleep
12:15% -am- i woke stars up again to check the stock, they had changed again, the stock was now * peanut, fish, chicken, drumstick or music. I bought the music *1500tama points* then put stars back to sleep.
12:54 Yum!e was playing with her ball, when i looked over at her screen.
1.30{ I played jump with stars

Over the last week I have had my v.1 and v.2 working- there names are stars and yum!e. I am expecting yum!e to change into a adult today he is 5yrs old. I also am waiting for the matchmaker to arrive for stars- she is my tamagotchi connexion v.2- by the way they are awesome, they have so many new features its great. So anyway... stars is 6yrs and is a nyrotchi although i don't know how she turned into one of them since i treated her really well, i did however abandon her for about an hour before she changed...maybe that did it??
I went to the shops yesterday to get another v.2, i went to target, toys r us and Kmart and all said they were sold out and didn't know when the next order was coming [ only after a week of arriving] I went to Myers as a last resort they had also sold out but the lady said she could order one and that the next shipment should be in, in about a week &1/2 *excitement!!!!* So I cant wait to get it in:)
I am also wanting an Angelgotchi except I don't seem to be able to find one that i can pay with cash with...after I have received my tama v.2 i will talk to dad about different forms of paying.
that's it for now, here is just some base info on my tamagotchis right now*
name * stars* weight * 32lb* age *6yrs* character * nyrotchi*
name * stars* weight * 19lb* age *5yrs* character * Hinotamatchi*
oh p.s* someone on tamatalk showed me a pic of there character and its baby [i think] I zoomed in on the characters so you can see better -look below- cute aint it? looks abit like an elephant 0.o;
Posted Image <cute anit it? I want one:P>






24 Apr 2005

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24 Apr 2005


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Posted 24 April 2005 - 10:34 AM ( #2 )

people are allowed to post in my log if you want, please admin i would like people to if they want to. thankyou

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