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Tamagotchi diaries

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Posted 26 April 2005 - 03:21 PM ( #1 )

O.k. I m making a little tama book. Hope you like it! ( p.s: everyday or so i will post the next chapter!)

Chapter 1: the beggining

Its dark. i cant see a thing. Then a bright light blinds me for a moment. When i finally manage to open my eyes, On my left, i see a memetchi. On my right was a bebitchi. Soon after, i see a kutchipatchi, who grabs the black bebitchi and runs off. Leaving me alone beside my new mommy, Lanna. Then, Lanna looks at me with a smile. Curiously, i look at myslf to see if she saw something on me or anything like that. Im all white. Nothin but white. Then, Lanna says"Lucky. ill name you Lucky." Then i looked and saw Lannas owner, Marie. After one full year of fun and hapiness with Lanna and Marie, it was, once again, bed time. Before Marie turned off the lights, Lanna came to tuck me into bed and say good-night. Since it was a long day, i fell asleep almost instantly.

Then, at midnight, in my dream, a light turned on. It was so bright that i couldnt see a thing. After three minutes, i heard a very familliar voice. It was soft, and quiet. But, it also sounded..sad. Then, the voice spoke to me.
"Lucky, i will always remember you. Dont ever forget the good times we spent together. I will miss you. Good-bye Lucky, good-bye.....

Was this good? please DO NOT post any continuing parts of the story. Chapter two will come soon!






26 Apr 2005

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