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a giga pet

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Posted 12 September 2006 - 05:53 PM ( #1 )

I have seen a lot of topics about what a giga pet is. This is what they are:They are a lot like tamas. Exept tamas turn into characters. These are just bunny cat dog or more, not a surprising new character after 4 or 3 days like tamas.You feed them, care for them when they are sick, play with them,put them to sleep(or wake them unlike tamas),zap them to a tv, or even put them in school.They have a bigger case then tamas though.They have a web page to:gigapets.com. You can see what they look like there.You can get them at TARGET, WALMART,and TOYS'R'US!Thanks!! If u want to post questions about new giga pets ill be happy to answer them!!! I know a little about old gigas but ill try to answer questions about them to. :huh:






12 Sep 2006

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Posted 13 October 2006 - 07:28 PM ( #2 )

my new giga bunny is 23 healthy and 65 happy i keep giving it medicine and i don't have any toys so i try feeding it some but the health just won't go up can you help me

p.s. i made a post about this entitled OH NO but no one responded yet if you have an answer you can put it in this topic or in mine

p.p.s. come to me for help topics are not aloud on tamatalk