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Adult at age 2!

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 02:00 PM ( #1 )

My tama evolved into an adult at age two and i reset and downloaded once in her life if that helps. It turned into a Chomametchi. I hate that character. I have gotton it three times already. But anyways WHAT HAPPENED? IS THIS BAD? I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!






11 Oct 2006

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11 Oct 2006


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Posted 11 October 2006 - 02:30 PM ( #2 )

I don't think there is anything wrong....that is definitely pretty young for turning into an adult....so it may be something to do with the reset and download :wub:

Have you paused it at all?

I like Chomametchis - but I can understand if you have got 3 of them in a row how you want something different :lol:

Try taking different care of it - esp. in the last 24hrs before it turns from teen into adult - for example - keep all the Happy Hearts totally full, but let the Hungry hearts empty right out until it beeps at you to warn you it is hungry - then just feed it one meal and wait until it empties and beeps again (be careful not to leave it unattended - it might die... ).

Different types of care tend to get different types of characters - although there is usually a different set of adults to get on odd numbered generations than even numbered generations..

Hope this may help a bit :wub:


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Posted 11 October 2006 - 03:49 PM ( #3 )

That's strange.