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Nano Baby and Digi*Pets vrs Tamas

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Posted 15 October 2006 - 02:18 AM ( #1 )

Let's start with Digi*Pet:
*sound is very annoying with no way (or at least no way I've found) to turn it off
*You don't really interact with your pet at all. You just press various buttons, an image floats across the screen and Pet is happy, or Pet is angry and doesn't want to do it.
*Rather smal reset button. How's anyone supposed to get something in there?
*energy meters easy to read, but hard to figure out what they mean. (ie, the weight matches up with training? Education?)
*no instructions
*buttons are easy to figure out what they mean
*goes to sleep whenever you want it to! =D
*can reset clock... For what reason? See above!
*doesn't change at all. Only forms depend on what pet you choose.

Next how 'bout Nano Baby:
*no instructions
*takes a bit to figure out the circle and the square
*very high matenence unless asleep (at least at this stage)
*first picture in meter means what?
*can't change clock
*no way to pause/force it to go to sleep
*tiny reset button
*turns into same thing... no matter how you care for it.
*button next to scale is? All I know is it makes Apple Bab angry.
*games aren't that exciting.

Last, but BEST Tamagotchis:
*can easily turn sound on/off, sound isn't annyoying
*many different creatures
*easy to pause and force to sleep
*games are pretty fun, easy to get into
*comes with instruction manuel!
*reset button good size.
*buttons are very easy to identify. After all, who couldn't figure out lamp=light?
*meters are easy to understand. Huger=how hungry it is.

What do you guys think?
And are there any other comparisons you have to add? (dif pets, or eve those ones)






15 Oct 2006

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Posted 16 October 2006 - 10:57 AM ( #2 )

I have one to add! :angry:

Pixel Chix Mall:
*Three sound settings.
*Loads of challenging games!
*Can shop!
*Can work n earn money!
*Completely portable!
*For all ages!
*A virtual friend!
*Easy instructions
*Symbols on buttons
*Games are challenging and exciting!
*Loads of games!
*No need for clock!
*Goes 2 sleep whenever u want it 2!
*educational (teaches how 2 run a shop!)
*FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!

I like pixel chix best and tamas 2nd best!