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Tama marriage and tama babies?

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Posted 22 October 2006 - 12:29 PM ( #1 )

My tama is almost 4 yrs old and i want her to get married before she has death, how do I make the match maker appear on my V3?






22 Oct 2006

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22 Oct 2006


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Posted 22 October 2006 - 12:34 PM ( #2 )

Dont worry!
The MatchMaker will come when your Tamagotchi is and Adult for 72 hours.
She will show you an Tamagotchi that you want to mate with,
If you Accept,
Your Tama will mate and have either a boy or a girl.
If you decline,
She might come back,
But if she doesnt you have to mate with another V3 owner.
oh BTW if you pause your V3 the Matchmaker will only take longer to come to you!
Hope this helps!
Any probs. PM me!

:D Itachi :D

EDIT: If you dont know what the Matchmaker is I think it is best described HERE!

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Posted 22 October 2006 - 04:26 PM ( #3 )

you cant make the match maker come , however , if your tama is 4 and youve been connecting 2 tamagotchis latley , they can marry very soon! hope i helped! -hot


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Posted 22 October 2006 - 05:43 PM ( #4 )

Do not worry, your tama cant die easily unless you dont take good care of it, the normal age of death is 12+.

The normal mating age, with the matchmaker is 6. Not 5 or 4. She lets you have some time before she comes, so you might find a mate instead of the search when she comes.There is no specific age your tamagothci has to be before you mate, if its an adult, you are allowed to use everything, including the love potion that you may use to get a mate of the opposite gendar. If you dont find one, until you are six, dont worry, the match maker will come with a mate for you!

how the matchmaker works:

She comes at the times follwing:

Set one minute before the all the times above.

Im not suire if it works for 10:30.a.m but it might thats what i have seen Tamatalkers post but i havent seen it with my eyes, but i assure you, the matchmaker will come in the hour of 10:00a.m

What to do:

When the matchamaker comes, she will have a book infront of her, and it will open and close you click when you feel like it then a tamacharacter will walk infront of the screen, then the text shows: Love? and underneath that is, yes or no chose, the characters that pop up are random, if you dont want that character say no, and wait for the next tim, she comes! :mametchi:

hope this Referance helped you,