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I have balls and rc toys in my food and snacks

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Posted 09 November 2006 - 01:42 PM ( #1 )

Yes, where my food is for my V3 tama, after the four normal ones, I have like 100 choices for balls, then a few rc toys, then an omelet, sandwich, then more balls, and some more rc toys. The same thing in the snacks, I guess its a weird glitch. Has this happened to anyone else? :furawatchi:






09 Nov 2006

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09 Nov 2006


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Posted 09 November 2006 - 03:25 PM ( #2 )

This is a common glitch. I'm guessing you've changed the batteries lately or something.
Delete the balls by:
- Go to the 9th icon
- Go to Present
- Enter the Present list and select Food or Item (I think Food is the list you need)
- Press A to scroll between them
- When you find the one you want to delete, press B, it will say WRAP?
- Press A and it should say TRASH
- Press B and it will say SURE?
- Select YES and Press B
Repeat for all the problematic Snacks.
Don't use them, your Tamagotchi will freeze.
StarTama :furawatchi: